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Who: MuraWolf
Rated: PG-13?
Summary: Murata is out of the infirmary and went back to Wolfram. They... decide to take a walk and end up playing in the rain and being cute.

Wolfram sighed deeply and flopped back onto his and Murata's shared bed, though lately it had just been his own. He sighed again and rolled onto his side, curling up a little and closing his eyes. Ever since the whole evil Yuuri incident it had just been so..lonely. And it made him sad ;_;

Murata was getting used to walking again and it made his legs hurt from his muscles being like crap. He staggered to his room anyway, opening the door slowly and peering inside. It felt weird to be in his own room again. It was nostalgic in a way, but it still felt foreign. "W...wolfram?"

Wolfram lifted his head when he heard someone open the door, mostly expecting it to be stupidface Conrad asking how he was...but it was Murata, and he wasn't aware that his jaw dropped open a bit. "M-mura..." He said in a shaky voice, not quite sure that Murata was actually there.

Oh good, the dead-looking thing on the bed wasn't really dead after all. Murata sighed with happy and slowly made his way over to the bed as if he were some kind of shy mistress--something totally unlike him. "How... is everything?"

"''s..good.." Wolfram mumbled, still staring. He hadn't been expecting Murata back so soon..and as soon as the Sage got close enough he reached out his arms and wrapped them around his waist possessively, pulling him closer.

The very moment Wolfram's arms went around Murata, Murata leaned onto Wolfram, arms wrapping tightly around him. His eyes were shut tight and he was pretty sure he wasn't breathing anymore. Wolfram's familiar scent overpowered him again and if he wasn't trying to get back his manliness, he would have shed a tear or two. His voice was soft as he murmured quietly. "I'm glad..."

Wolfram nodded a little and, as he was still sitting, he nuzzled his face against Murata's stomach, eyes closed. "How are you feeling today? Did they fix you?"

Murata smiled, one hand tangling itself into Wolfram's hair. "They fixed me. I'm still a little sore in one place, but that can't be helped. It'll be fine after a while anyway." He clung to Wolfram again. "I told you I wanted to get out of there, fast."

Wolfram looked up at Murata's face, looking a bit pitiful. "Yeah but I wasn't sure if you were just telling me that to get me out of there or what..."

Murata rolled his eyes at him and flicked his forehead. "You think I hate you that much?"

"Well with the way that you were acting.." Wolfram looked off, pouting a bit.

"Well... okay. I'll give you that." Murata sighed and made a vain attempt to sit on the bed, but it was hard with a Wolfram attached to him. "I was so worried you hated me and were.. only.... trying to be nice, or uphold your duty since we were already married."

"Well...that would make sense, I suppose.." Wolfram muttered, letting go to pull Murata on the bed so he could situate himself in his husband's lap. "But it's not true."

Murata immediately let his hands idle themselves in his husband's hair, letting the soft strands fall between his fingers and glitter in their gay blonde light. "What was I supposed to think?"

"Oh I don't know, possibly what I was telling you?" Wolfram hmphed softly and nuzzled against Murata's shoulder, quick to fall back into a familiar position.

"Possibly." Murata repeated tugging Wolfram close to him. "But when you're distraught and agnsting, it's hard to think anything else." He rested his head on his husband's now, relishing in the fact that he could hold Wolfram without dying.

"Yeah well...meh." Wolfram stated eloquently, moving to press a few kisses to the side of Murata's neck, since it was the closest.

Tiny little pinpricks shot all the way up and down Murata's spine and he froze in place. His hands were shaking as he clung to Wolfram, concentrating entirely on those lips on his neck. He missed that. ;_; He missed being showered with affection by Wolfram, and even if he hadn't been basking in this renewed showering for long, he was enjoying it so much he had probably... been killed by yuuri and had stopped the reincarnation cycle and this was heaven. Yes. <3 "Oh, Wolfram...<3"

"Mmm?" Wolfram nuzzled into the crook where Murata's neck met his shoulder, daring to nibble at the spot lightly. He was just having fun with his husband again was all <3

"I think my neck missed you." He teased, swayed a little with Wolfram in his arms.

"And that's the only part of you that did?" Wolfram pouted fakely, nudging the collar of Murata's shirt down far enough to make quite the hickey on the base of his neck. Really, it just felt so..normal to be doing stuff like this again. He couldn't resist.

"Yeah, that sounds about right." The teasing grin never left Murata's face, even after he received his lovely little love bite. Aw, he liked it when Wolfram was a vampire. "It wants to know if you missed it as much as it missed you."

"Hm...maybe this will answer its question..." With a grin, Wolfram tilted his head up to plant sloppy, open-mouthed kisses along the side of Murata's neck, trying to be obnoxious.

"Okay, okay, stop!" Murata made futile pawing motions at Wolfram to get him to cease his attempt at drowning Murata in saliva. Ew. "I get it!"

Wolfram pulled back, a satisfied grin on his face. "See? I missed it too."

Murata was going to reach a hand up and wipe the slobber from his neck, but he decided against it. He was going to let it be gross and cold and dry like that and Wolfram would have to deal. "I don't know whether or not I wanted you to miss it, now." Tease tease grin.

"Well too bad, because unlike you obviously, all of me missed all of you." He hmphed softly and nuzzled against the other side of Murata's neck, settling again.

"Hnn." Murata made a dumb noise. He was busy making his hands do dumb little things to the small of Wolfram's back, dancing across it and swirling around and the like. He was just being dumb.

Wolfram smiled a bit and closed his eyes, enjoying the attention. "That's nice." He mumbled softly, sliding one cold hand under the back of Murata's shirt and just pressing it flat against his lower back.

Murata's back immediately arched and he made another dumb noise. "Wolfram, your hands are freezing! Have you been alright?" Because cold hands meant he was on the brink of death.

"Yes I've been alright. I'm just cold is all." Wolfram mumbled, absorbing Murata's warmth into his cold hand. "I've been here alone every day afterall.."

"And that immediately makes you cold?" Murata fished around for Wolfram's other hand, found it, and held it tightly with his own, trying to transfer warmth that way.

"Yes." Wolfram stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "So that's why it's good that you're back. You can be my heater again."

"I'll try." Murata brought the hand he was headed up to his lips, kissing each finger. "I promise."

Wolfram couldn't help but smile, wiggling his fingers and pushing one into Murata's mouth with a soft laugh.

Murata bit down on Wolfram's finger, but didn't use his teeth, only his lips and wiggled his head around much like a dog.

Wolfram was amused for the few moments that his thinking remained innocent..but then his thoughts crossed into blowjob territory and all he could picture was Murata with Yuuri and yeah, that was kind of hot, but still. He tugged his hand back suddenly and looked down at his lap, trying to hide how depressed he had suddenly gotten. Sure he had forgiven Murata for the incident, but that didn't mean that it didn't bother him anymore.

Murata's eyes got big and wide and gay and watery and he immediately threw his playful attitude out the window and went into defensive mode. Was that too much? Was he too dumb? Too comfortable? In an effort to not make this rare happy moment dissipate, he gave Wolfram's shoulder a little nudge. "Hey, let's do something as a couple. We haven't in such a long time."

Wolfram looked up a little, still trying to mask the hurt with a small smile. " what?" If Murata wanted to try, then Wolfram would definitely go along with it.

"Like..." Murata stretched a little on the bed, making it seem like he was totally comfortable and relaxed and nothing was wrong at all. :D! Really. "Taking a walk or getting some fresh air... or picking out new curtains..."

"A walk sounds nice. Maybe..maybe outside the gates by the river?" Wolfram suggested, tentatively lying down next to Murata but not touching him yet.

Murata crossed his legs and put his hands behind his head, resting on them. "Yeah... after being cooped up for so long, I forgot what the sky looked like."

"It's still blue." Wolfram's smile widened a bit and he relaxed more on the bed, stretching out. "At least it was this morning.."

"Watch me go outside and it's all drab and grey and gross." Murata teased, adjusting his glasses briefly before settling back on his hands again. "It's just my luck."

"Well then it'll rain and we can play in the rain together." Wolfram's smile was genuine now as he sat up, leaning over Murata. "Come on. Up."

And then catch pneumonia and die. Okay. Murata frowned up at Wolfram. "But now I'm lazy."

Murata was too morbid :P Wolfram frowned, reaching down to tug at his husband's hand. "Come oooonnnn...up up up!"

Murata limply allowed his body to be hoisted upward. "I hope it starts raining, then. And we both fall in the river and drown." He teased, scrunching up his face.

Wolfram's frown only increased. "I thought you wanted to do something couple-like with me? You can't just change your mind in like, a second."

"Yes, but I didn't want it to rain." Murata sighed. Rain meant a soaked Wolfram and that meant water cascading down his face and dripping from his chin, clothes clinging tightly to his perfectly molded body and Murata KNEW that the urge to make out with his husband would overpower any rational senses and he'd ruin his life. No. Rain was not cool.

"Well fine...what else would you like to do that's inside?" Wolfram hmphed softly, not pleased with this new plan.

"If you're that dissapointed, we can go play in the rain." Murata felt himself falling back into the I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU ASK WOLFRAM JUST DON'T BE EMO stance.

"Really??" Wolfram's eyes brightened. Of course he wasn't the type to let Murata have his way.

"Yes, Really." ^.^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; "We can spin around and slip in the mud and it'll be grand."

"Yay Mura I love you!" Wolfram leaned down to cling for a moment then leapt out of the bed, waiting for Murata to follow suit. He was excited.

Murata trudged like a lead weight behind Wolfram. ... if they played in the rain, his glasses would get all dumb and he wouldn't be able to see and he would die. But... onthe other hand, Wolfram was incredibly gay looking and adorable and Murata liked to watch him prance like an antelope, so maybe it wasn't so bad. <3

When Murata stood, Wolfram grabbed his hand and tugged him out the nearest castle exit and, lo and behold, it WAS raining. How convenient. It was just lightly sprinkling at the moment, though, but Wolfram looked very pleased.

Murata wasn't pleased. He wasn't ready to look like a drowned owl. He did manage a smile, though. "Wow, Wolfram, it /is/ raining! You should try seeing if you can catch anything in your mouth." It was a dumb game, but maybe it was innocent enough to not have Murata jump Wolfram's bones.

"You mean like rain? Of course you can catch it! It isn't hard!" Wolfram proceeded to demonstrate by bounding out into the rain, lifting his head up and opening his mouth and looking, well..kind of stupid but in an adorably gay way.

"Oh, really?" Oh crap... Wolfram's full face was exposed to getting itself drenched with rain, hair falling back from gravity and his arms outspread. Murata stared for a while and then turned around, concentrating on see if he could catch some in his mouth, too.

Wolfram padded over to him a moment later, hair and face damp and dripping lines of water downward, a bit catching on full, pink lips that were curved into a smile. "See? It isn't hard."

Haha. It may not have been hard, but something of Murata's was. He swallowed hard, tasting the two whole rain drops he had managed to catch in his mouth. He did everything in his power not to stare at Wolfram. "Okay, okay, you won... let's go watch the raindrops make ripples on the river."

"Alright alright." Wolfram nodded and grabbed Murata's hand, holding on tightly as they travelled through the rain together, his hair slowly becoming more drenched along with his clothes, which, as Murata had predicted, had started to cling to his body.

Murata needed to concentrate on something that wasn't a wet Wolfram. It may not have been very bad, but he had been deprived of not only the carnal pleasures of the flesh, but Wolfram's flesh and this was like... a young virgin teenage male swimming in a pile of supermodels. Or something. He stumbled a little in the rain, but made it look like the ground was slick. "I.. uh... I think the rain looks really pretty on the river like this so... I wanted to see it with you." Great random conversation! <3

Wolfram nodded a little, starting to swing their hands gayly as they walked. "I'm not objecting. I mean, I get to spend time with you, afterall." He smiled, making it seem a lot like a first date or something despite the fact that they were married.

Murata smiled quite gayly, starting to throw this idea of making out with Wolfram in the rain from his head. His cute act was rubbing off on Murata anyway, making any perverted thought seem almost illegal. "Then I hope that means you'll like it, too." They stopped by a willow tree, far enough from the bank so that they would not fall in. "AH! It's already flowing so fast!" Murata looked surprised and fascinated... like a scientist. ... or a butterfly classifier."

Wolfram nodded enthusiastically, watching the water with fascination as he took a seat under the tree, tugging Murata down to sit with him. Who cared if his butt got wet? "I guess it's been raining for a while now.."

"I guess..." Murata sighed. He hadn't noticed it was raining earlier, but eh. <3

Wolfram leaned against Murata's side when he sat, resting his head on his husband's shoulder and just watching the rain fall on the river's surface as he became more and more drenched. "You aren't cold, are you?"

"A little, but it's nothing I can't handle." Murata had to be manly somehow, right? He wrapped a slow arm around Wolfram, anyway. "Are you?"

"Yeah kind of.." Wolfram leaned heavily against Murata, nuzzling his shoulder lightly, a smile on his face. "But it's worth it."

"I don't want you to catch a cold, though..." Murata murmured, concerned. "After all, we just got OUT of the infirmary... I don't need you going back in..."

"I won't, I won't.." Wolfram reassured Murata, as if he could actually guarantee his own health that easily. It was interesting, though, how easily his hands could glide along Murata's skin now that it was wet and..he probably shouldn't have been stroking his husband's arm like that, but he had been touch-deprived too, damn it.

Murata was pretending there wasn't any stroking going on, but he could feel his entire body go stiff and before he could even help himself, he was covered in goosebumps. He laughed a little, pulling his arm away. "Come on, if we stay still too long, we'll just get cold."

Wolfram pouted a bit, shaking his head and deciding to be a brat since Murata had just rejected his sensual stroking of awesome. "I don't want to."

"But... but..." Murata was at a loss. "You might... get sick and... I'd never forgive myself and..." He made the mistake of looking Wolfram in the eye and before long he had himself trapped in a world of sensually wet husband.

Not to mention Wolfram was pouting with his bottom lip out and basically looking like he needed a good makeout session. "But I like being out here like this with you..."

Murata was making a very convincing gaping fish face at Wolfram his voice catching and only making tiny random squeaks here and there. He reached a hand up to brush some of the strands of clinging hair from Wolfram's forehead. The pressure was getting to be far too much for him and he knew that if he didn't pull away now, he was going to kiss him.

But... argh! It should be okay, right? They were MARRIED after all! If that were the case, then why did he feel like they were back at square one? He was suddenly afraid of rejection, feeling so much like he had before the two of them had admitted their feelings. His voice finally stopping catching and finally came out. ".. I... I like being here with you, too..."

That simple phrase caused Wolfram to stop pouting and, instead, smile widely, leaning forward a bit to press a quick peck to Murata's cheek. "Then we can stay?" His voice was soft and barely audible over the rain.

Murata felt his ears grow hot. He knew very well what color his face was and on top of everything, his heart was pounding so hard in his ears, he couldn't even hear Wolfram's voice or the rain for that matter. Time simply stopped, and Murata stopped along with it. He never knew that he could be so enamoured with Wolfram that a simple kiss on his cheek could turn him into a complete and total jelloid mess. It was all far too much for Murata to avoid any longer and he reached foward and pulled Wolfram close to him, lips locking onto his husband's and holding themselves there, almost trembling.

Though he would deny it, Wolfram had not-so-subtley been asking for this, so he certainly didn't reject Murata when he finally worked up the nerve to kiss him..if it could really even be considered a kiss. Afterall, Murata seemed terrified, and kisses weren't supposed to be scary. To help prove this, Wolfram smiled warmly and, after a moment, pressed his lips back against Murata's, seeming much more confident than his husband, even though his lips were trembling slightly as well.

When Murata felt the pressure of Wolfram kissing him back, he was startled and almost pulled away, but his eagerness wouldn't let him and he stood his ground. Wolfram wasn't rejecting him! He made small movements to turn his trembling kiss into a real one, releasing the grip he had on the front of Wolfram's shirt to let his hand rest comfortably on his husband's side. And yet, multitudes of fireworks were exploding in his brain, making even the rain feel like sparks.

Wolfram's instincts told him to make the kiss deeper, to keep going, but he knew better and pulled back after a few moments, remaining nose-to-nose with Murata, a dreamy look in his eyes and a smile on his face.

Murata was satisfied with that. He got to experience a genuine kiss with Wolfram and that was all that mattered. He hadn't even realized he was holding his breath until Wolfram pulled away, and he let it out slowly with a shuddering sigh.

Wolfram took a moment to rub their noses together gayly, laughing softly, their lips brushing again momentarily when he moved since they were still so close. "So what do you think of the rain now?" He whispered.

"Maybe it... it isn't so bad." Murata squeaked out, his free hand seeking out Wolfram's to cling to it. He needed something to squeeze and to hold onto.

"Just maybe?" Wolfram laughed again, holding onto Murata's hand protectively when he found it and skimming his fingertips over the top slowly. He still didn't bother to pull away at all, seeming comfortable in his close proximity.

"Maybe... a little more than maybe." Murata went on, finally breaking eye contact and turning his gaze back to the raindrops on the river and squeezing Wolfram's hand tight. He hadn't expected being able to kiss Wolfram so for right now, that part was still sinking in.

Wolfram closed his eyes and laid his head down against Murata's wet shoulder, twisting his hand a bit to twine their fingers together. Despite everything that had happened, Wolfram had realized in the moment that they had locked lips that he had made the right choice.

Murata's head went to rest on Wolfram's and he watched the river in silence, his own thoughts swirling about in his mind like the current. He had missed being with Wolfram like this, and each time Wolfram would allow Murata to take one more step closer to him, Murata couldn't help but thank every deity he knew of for being lucky enough to be married to someone so forgiving. Sure, he knew it was going to take a long time, but he decided that if he could have managed to get this far, he could make it through anything. In that moment, he realized he may have taken Wolfram's love for granted at points, and now that he knew what it was like to almost lose him entirely, he was so much more conscious about every moment, even sitting in the rain together.

"You know.." Wolfram began softly after a moment, not moving from his spot. "Even if we do both get least we'll be sick together?" He laughed a bit, nuzzling closer.

"But how will I feed you soup if I'm sick, too?" Murata grinned at the air before him, his glasses had long since made most things impossible to see in detail. He pressed closer to Wolfram, as if he were clinging to every part of him he could without really moving.

"Well I could ask the same thing. We'll manage." Wolfram snickered softly, tightening his grasp on Murata's hand. "What do you say..after this..we go and have a nice, hot bath?" Because wow that sounded nice.

Murata had behaved himself so far. Mostly. He could endure a naked Wolfram. "Can we lounge around in bathrobes in front of the fireplace, afterwards?" A hopeful tone lilted in his voice.

"If you like. Maybe we could have hot chocolate, too." Wolfram finally lifted his head, smiling widely as he started to move to stand up, extending a hand to help Murata up as well.

Murata took the hand and when he had stood up, he wouldn't have let go if it weren't for the awkward position the hands ended up in. "That sounds far too good to be true. Shall we?" He extended his elbow like a gentleman with a smile.

Wolfram nodded and hooked arms with him, looking retarded with his husband as they travelled back together to the castle.

That's okay, Murata was retarded, too.... and very wet. In more ways than one.
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