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Who: MuraWolf
RAted: NC-17
Summary: A mutal freak dream sequence. Liesel is in it. ♥

Lately it seemed like sleep was Murata's only escape from the emo that liked to present itself in the real world. In fact, when he slept, he could do whatever he so pleased and in his dream world Wolfram loved him and wanted to do him, so Murata very much liked to sleep. At least... he did when the nightmares stopped bothering him. D:

But this dream... was very different from most other dreams he had had recently. This dream felt REAL. and detailed. and awesome.

He appeared to be in some kind of room covered in red silk and satin. The canopy bed he was in was huge and covered in pillows and rosepetals and even the lighting was slightly red. He grinned at his imagination for choosing such a kinky spot. When he looked beside him and saw his husband in that pink nightgown of his, he was even more proud of his imagination.

And then he made wolfram's nightgown become shorter. And frillier. And so much more like a cute dress than a nightgown, and he was satisfied. "Wolfram." He reached out, soflty shaking his shoulder. "Wolfram..."

Rather than being awaken, though, it was made apparent after a moment that Wolfram had not been sleeping at all. The tap on his shoulder simply caused him to look over his shoulder, eyes dark and lips pouty as his hand continued pumping the erection peeking out just barely from the very bottom of his nightgown/dress. Oh what a great dream this was! Murata had shown up. Heee, Wolfram was enjoying this so far.

A moment later and Murata was naked. Now he was REALLY enjoying it <3

Oh, so Murata had Wolfram masturbating in his dream. THAT was hot. He actually hadn't seen Wolfram's erection in so long that he lifted Wolfram's skirt deliberately to get a good look at it. Aw... it was beautiful. In fact, so beautiful that Murata touched it and it felt better than he remembered. His dark eyes moved to capture Wolfram's and he smirked, taking what he had wanted for what seemed like a millenium. He had launched himself on top of his husband, hand completely overtaking Wolfram's on his peen as his lips devoured Wolfram's own. He could be forward all he wanted. It was a dream, after all. Who knew how long it would last?

Wolfram was more than happy to let Murata take over, finding the handjob to be even more amazing than usual, his body thrumming with each stroke. And even though every moment brought him to the brink of orgasm, he never seemed to reach it, a pleasure both wonderful and torturous at the same time.

He wrapped his arms tightly around Murata, raking his fingernails down his husband's back and continuing onward planning on cupping Murata's ass…which was now oddly surrounded by leather. He had to pull out of the kiss to check, but yes, Murata was suddenly wearing leather pants…with no ass. And wow, Murata's butt was much rounder and cuter than usual too <3 Wolfram couldn't help but give it a smack.

Murata made a muffled cry against wolfram's mouth and pulled away, a strand of sparkling spit disappearing between them like a bad yuri clip. He sat up, the assless chaps making him feel like a gay cowboy. But they were cool |3 and combined with the whip he had, he was a very good cowhand.

Except he was so not a cowhand. But a cathand. And since Wolfram had adorable little catears on and a collar with a bell around his neck, he made the perfect candidate. Using the whip like a rope, he lassoed Wolfram into a sitting position with him. "Kitty. <3"

Oh Wolfram could work the cat angle. He had done it before, afterall. And Murata with a whip? He couldn't have matched it up better himself, especially if Murata was going to use it forcefully. Wolfram wanted to be whipped <3…but he could wait for the moment, because this was interesting.

Wolfram smiled coquettishly when he was pulled up, his voice a cute soprano. "Baa?" He swiped his tongue slowly around full, pink lips, wiggling a bit in his spot because...well, look at that, he was already wet and ready. He didn't bother thinking about why that was.

Murata's peen made a funny twitch when his kitten ... bleated... at him. Wrapping the whip around the back of Wolfram's neck, he pulled his face forward for another kiss. The dress had dissipated by now because it was hard for Murata to run his nails down Wolfram's back otherwise. A finger pressed itself against the entrance to Wolfram's anal and Murata grinned against full lips at what he found. By the time he had pulled away, he was already turning Wolfram around so he could ride his kitty like a good gay cowboy. Aw, he even had a cowboy hat to match, his hair flipping up all around the brim.

Wolfram hissed softly at first out of instinct but it quickly turned into a purr when he realized that, instead of hurting, the whip around his neck felt strangely good. Not to mention Murata was being so dominant and demanding…Wolfram squirmed more as he felt himself grow wetter. As soon as Murata pulled away he was on all fours, ass waving in the air just asking to be spanked…and if the ass didn't get its point across initially, Wolfram did. "Hit me." He demanded, voice low and husky.

Oh Murata was going to hit him. But not with his hand. He reared his arm back and flicked the whip against Wolfram cute little wiggly uke butt, leaving a nice red line against pale skin. It was pretty. Like a candy cane. And when Murata reached down and licked it, it even tasted like peppermint. Go figure. :D

Wolfram moaned and arched his back, wiggling his butt around insistently, wanting more. And harder. " it again." He whined softly, wiggling around like a worm. A hot, sexy, dripping wet worm.

And in the dream, that somehow worked.

Murata liked comparing his husband to a hot, sexy, dripping wet worm. So he whipped him again, harder, and then again. He stopped only to pressed his seriously throbbing cock against Wolfram's hot and dripping wet anal, pressing himself inside. And then he whipped Wolfram again. "you like that?"

Wolfram cried out, his body shuddering with each hit and causing the bell around his neck to ring, but in a very good way, to the point that his peen was now dripping as well but magically the wet spot that was forming on the bed wasn't spreading. In fact, when he noticed it, it disappeared entirely. Couldn't have them resting in dirty sheets, afterall.

He nodded enthusiastically when Murata settled in him, casting a glance over his shoulder, eyelashes fluttering and lips shimmering in the light. Even his back was arched at the perfect angle to look like a grade A porn star. "You feel so good.." He purred, pressing back insistently. "Mm, I'm so wet for you."


"You're so tight..." Murata hissed when he reached his hilt and wiggled around inside. "So warm..." He leaned forward, pressing his body against Wolfram's back, now. Expert hands danced across his torso and down to the dripping peen. He grasped it with his free hand and bit into his bottom lip as he pulled out of Wolfram, only to thrust back in. He threw his head back, riding Wolfram roughly, pumping his peen like it was part of the reigns or something. Had he not been so busy whipping Wolfram and yelling out "GIDDY UP" he would have waved his hat in the air.

…and rather than stop the whole ordeal to laugh at how dumb "Giddy up" sounded coming from Murata's mouth, Wolfram went along with it, instead, finding it incredibly hot. Hey, he was ignoring the toasters flying by and the wheels of cheese rolling around the room…it wasn't hard to go with this.

"Oh..ohgodMurata..dontstop..oh…oh..OH." He tossed his head back, pushing back roughly to meet each thrust, finding that the harder Murata pushed in, the better it felt. His hands clawed at the sheets that remained miraculously unbunched and he couldn't contain the growl that tore from his throat when Murata didn't get any rougher. "Damn it, Murata, fuck me HARDER!" He yelled, not quite seeming like the cute kitten he had been earlier.

Murata noticed the wheels of cheese and wanted to melt some and pour it on Wolfram... so he did, actually. He didn't have to move far and suddenly he was dripping melted cheese on Wolfram's back and lapping it up as he thrust in, savoring the cheesy Wolfram goodness.

As an afterthought, he pulled himself back and let go of Wolfram's peen. He held tightly only Wolfram's hips. "Are you ready for this? I'm going to fuck you in your tight little ass so hard, you'll be begging me to stop." He pulled out and somehow gained super-human strength. He had anchored himself quite well and shoved himself into Wolfram, hard. He was merciless, rough and forceful, but there was no pain, only pleasure. "O..ohg-.... WOLFRAM." He cried out with every thrust. "I've... wanted... to .... do .. this.. for.. so.. LONG."

A buzzing sound was suddenly heard. Aw, Murata's peen could suddenly vibrate.

Wolfram wasn't even able to keep track of his own dream, he was so lost in pleasure. He knew he had to be screaming by this point and by all rights it should have been in pain and there should have been blood running down his inner thighs instead of cheese and whatever he had self-lubricated…but damn, Murata was amazing.

So amazing, in fact, that Wolfram wanted to reward him for it and a moment later they had changed positions, Murata on his back on the bed and Wolfram straddling his hips, now able to control just how hard he was being done. Somewhere in the process Wolfram had stolen Murata's cowboy hat as well, which for some reason only made him look hotter, especially coupled with the bandana around his neck…..which he promptly used to gag his husband.

His grin was near face-splitting now as he leaned down to Murata's ear to whisper. "You've been usurped, I'm afraid."

Murata would have made a face or gasped or something, but he was gagged. He wondered how his dream Wolfram had gotten so damn hot like this, but that thought was only fleeting. He couldn't even control what he wanted to do with the dream much anymore and he decided to give up for the most part and let it run its course. He gazed at Wolfram with half-lidded eyes and reached foward for one of the closest things to him. Which was wolfram's peen. And.. he tickled it. He had no idea why. The tiny box to the side of his head had made him think it was such a valiant and honorable sort of duty so he just... did it.

But before Murata's hands could really get into the peen-tickling they were suddenly strung up above his head and in shackles. As were his feet, keeping his legs straight and spread. And wow, now he was completely at Wolfram's mercy…but just to add to it, he added a studded leather collar to Murata's neck. Oh, and a gagball. There.

And of course instead of being nice and staying where he was, he pulled himself off of Murata and stood to the edge of the bed-turned-metal table, walking over to search through a trunk at the edge of the room.

Wolfram himself had a magical wand and was completely making Murata at his mercy with it. For a brief moment, he grew fairy wings and the cowboy hat disappeared and was replaced with a tiara. "Fairy godmother...." Murata's voice spoke out above the gagball. It seemed to eminate from his body. Like telepathy. With every flick, Murata was suddenly chained to a metal table and he loved it. It was cold and hard and it made him want to stuggle against his binds just to show how much he was at the mercy of this bondage fairy.

Aw how cute, Wolfram could fly with his little wings. And he even left trails of sparkles behind him. And he had thigh-highs. Once he had retrieved what he had wanted from the trunk he flew back over to the metal table, hovering with a lit candle…which he poured wax from down onto Murata's chest, his smile surprisingly innocent…he was a pretty, sparkly, magical fairy, afterall.

The pain burned harshly, but only for a moment. Instead of pain, it felt was replaced by the feeling of a silk glove gliding over his skin and Murata watched his penis get erect again. He had wondered how it had suddenly gone flacid, but it was still amusing to watch it grow.

But it wasn't just any candle that Wolfram had used. Oh no. It was a magical chocolate candle. So, before the wax dried, he leaned down and licked it off, smacking and licking his lips suggestively in the process. And suddenly Murata's peen was looking mighty tasty as well. Sure it usually tasted salty and not so good, but the moment Wolfram wrapped his lips around the head, he was in flavor heaven. He even moaned softly, sliding down further, wanting a better taste.

Murata couldn't do anything but squirm around and whimper against the onslaught of pleasure... but then he realized. What the hell. He reached a hand down and tangled it in Wolfram's hair, encouraging him and massaging his scalp. He had apparently forgotten that his hand had been tied up.

And, though Wolfram usually had trouble with giving head simply because he was finicky, he certainly had no trouble in the dream, deepthroating Murata almost immediately and still being able to stroke his tongue all along the sides of Murata's massive peen, because his mouth was that big and he was that good.

"Mmmm.." He moaned deeply, somehow getting pleasure out of this as well, his wings fluttering gayly.

Murata's heightened dream sensed made this even more irresistable and he found that if he wanted, he could orgasm about five times into Wolfram's mouth and still not be finished.

So he did. And he wondered briefly if he had fed Wolfram enough. They were in a cafeteria after all and Wolfram looked so thin in his schoolgirl uniform.
Wolfram hadn't even finished swallowing the delicious Mura milk and all of a sudden he was in some big empty room with tables everywhere in an oddly familiar outfit with a breeze flowing between his legs. Maybe he should have been concerned that his skirt was being lifted up and showing his lacy undergarments but he wasn't, because at that point he had noticed Murata's military uniform and holyshithewashot.

Every time Murata took note of a lacy pair of panties on Wolfram, he wanted to rip them off with his teeth, but he restrained. He had his arm wrapped around Wolfram's waist. "Is there anything I can do for you before I leave?" He didn't know where he was going, but he knew he had some kind of duty somewhere. That was why he had enlisted after all.

Wolfram whimpered like the little girl he was dressed as, nodding and chewing on his bottom lip coyly. "..make love to me? One last time.." He walked over to the nearest table and leaned over, lifting his skirt up to flash the silk-covered goods.

"Anything for you." Murata stepped over to her... him. One hand stroking the peen hidden beneath the silk. He spun him and lifted him with his big strong military arms to sit on the table and the panties disappeared to reveal the family jewels. Murata licked his lips and kissed the tip of it. He looked up at Wolfram with shining eyes. "Are you sure it's okay? You're carrying our son after all."

Wolfram nodded a little, reaching a hand down to pat his suddenly swollen belly. "Liesel will be fine. Just be gentle." He smiled prettily, spreading his legs and holding out his arms to be embraced.

Murata pressed a kiss to Wolfram's stomach and the moved upward to pressed a kiss to his lips, holding him lovingly. "I promise I'll come back, safe. Then we'll all go to the show together. All three of us." He smiled and nuzzled Wolfram's nose, reaching down to undo his pants. He unleashed just his peen and once again entered Wolfram's lubricated ass, but much gentler this time.

"But..but what if.." Wolfram could barely think straight between the pleasure coursing through his body just from Murata's gentle thrusts. "...w-what if I have Liesel before y-you come back?" He pulled Murata a bit closer, pressing his nails into his back. "He won't know his father.."

"Pictures..." Murata murmured softly. "Tell him stories of his brave father and when I come home, I'll meet him in all my spledour. He rubbed Wolfram's tummy,smiling at Liesel. "I think he's due soon anyway, right?"

Wolfram nodded. "Next month...and don't stop, sweetheart, please.." He pleaded softly, spreading his legs wider.

Murata reached down to cradle Wolfram's peen in his hands, fondling it softly and quickening his pace a little, but not enough to jostle the baby. "You're so beautiful, honey... I don't know what I'll do since I won't' wake up to your face in the morning..." Doesn't close his eyes in pleasure, but instead gazes down at his loving wife. :D

"I'll send you letters. Every day." Wolfram had started to pant softly, moving one hand from around Murata to press against his stomach as if it would keep Liesel from being bounced around too much. "Ohh, just a little more, love.."

Murata complied with Wolfram's request, pressing in even further with his thrusts as well. And Wolfram suddenly had his hair done up like a 50's housewife and had big earrings on and makeup and his lipgloss was pretty <3

And wow look at that, he was holding a tray of sugar cookies...and he was in heels. "Mura dear!" He called out, searching the livingroom for his husband. "Dinner's ready!"

Murata stopped wrestling with Liesel on the living room floor and got up, stretching and heading to the kitchen. He wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed him quickly. "It smells wonderful." He lifted Lisel to his booster seat.

Wolfram smiled and, after setting the cookies on the counter, he set out all the food on the table: a plate of fried chicken, bowl of mashed potatoes, bowl of corn, and a separate bowl of salad. He took his seat then started preparing his own plate. "So how was work today?"

Murata was getting some mashed potatoes for their little squirt. "Fantastic, actually. I have some great news." He beamed and put some corn on Liesel's plate and ignored the look of disgust his son gave him. "I've been promoted!"

"Really?? That's great honey! We should celebrate tonight." Wolfram smiled slyly and poured himself a glass of milk, reaching over to pour Liesel one afterwards.

Yes. Celebrate. They would bring out the good china. If you know what I mean. And suddenly Murata was tucking Liesel into bed and giggling madly as he tapped Wolfram's pert ass, getting him into their bed.

Wolfram gasped softly then giggled, reaching up to cover his mouth as he leaned forward to whisper. "Are you sure Liesel's asleep?"

Murata held his ear to the closed door to Liesel's room. "We should be fine. Come on..." Wraps his arms around Wolfram. "We never get to be together anymore..."

"That's what happens when you have children." Wolfram was still smiling, though, as they tiptoed off to their bedroom. Once they got there he moved away from Murata, moving over to dig through their dresser, searching for some suitable lingerie. "So you're vice president now, right?"

"I sure am!" Murata loosened his tie and untucked his shirt. "Have my own secretary and everything." He began to unbutton his shirt as he skimmed the lingerie Wolfram was looking through. "Wear the light blue one, honey. You know it's my favorite."

Wolfram smiled and grabbed the light blue one, sashaying over to the bathroom. He only closed the door part of the way as he changed and he did so quickly, flinging it open a few moments later where he stood in the doorway in all his lacy, silky glory. "You know...vice presidents just happen to be my biggest turn on."

Murata hadn't been able to strip down any more, and he was still mostly in his business suit, still. "Are they?" He raised an eyebrow, heading toward Wolfram with a lazy grin on his face. "I can see that." Lingerie didn't hide much.

Wolfram grinned coyly and took a step just out of Murata's reach when he got near, nodding. "Mmmhhhhmmm...but only when they're naked." He motioned to Murata's clothes.

Murata didn't waste a moment in stripping himself entirely. It wasn't even in a sensual manner, either. He as so taken by his wife's lovely form and erection that he could hardly wait. "Oh, honey... should we light the love candle?"

"Mmm, that you're naked, I suppose." Wolfram sauntered forward, swaying his hips in a manner that was only for the bedroom. A moment later and he was on his back on the bed with his legs spread, the lingerie somewhere on the floor.

Murata was quite saddened to see the lingerie go, but then he was able to have Wolfram in his full naked potential... something he felt he hadn't seen in ages. He touched and kissed every part of his husband and... since they were an old married couple, had sex the old married couple way.

It was basically Murata lubing himself up, preparing Wolfram, and then entering, all within a very short amount of time.

Wolfram knew the drill. A bit of kissing. A bit of foreplay. And then sex that usually lasted about ten minutes. But either way, he had missed it, and he moaned very softly when Murata slid in, wrapping his arms around his husband's back. "We have to be quiet.." He mumbled, eyeing the door. "Don't want to wake Liesel."

"I know." Murata whispered into Wolfram's ear softly, giving it a kiss. Just because it was routine, didn't mean he had to love Wolfram any less. He held his breath, keeping his face close to Wolfram's neck as he thrust in his familiar rhythm.

Wolfram's breathing became a bit harder and he tightened his arms around Murata's back, nuzzling against the top of his head. "You're still amazing.." He whispered. And it was, despite how mundane it seemed.

Murata reached between them to help Wolfram along and as he pumped his husband for the first time in ages, he suddenly thought that it would be nice to have some anal beads.

... and suddenly he could feel them. His eyes widened and he gave a very large love bite to Wolfram's neck.

"A-ah!" Wolfram cried out before he could stop himself then quickly shut his mouth, just holding onto Murata tighter. "What has gotten into you?" He asked jokingly, running his hands along his husband's back.

"I.. sh...should ask the same to you." Murata breathed hard against Wolfram's neck, the beads making his thrusts irregular and harder. He, obviously, had assumed Wolfram had put the beads in. "Where... did you get anal beads?"

And suddenly Wolfram was aware of what was going on. He grinned a bit and pressed a kiss to the top of Murata's head, sliding one hand downward to loop a finger in the end of the beads. "Oh I just picked them up when I was out one day.." It was kind of hard to keep his voice calm and steady with Murata starting to pick up the pace. Slowly, he began to pull the beads out one by one.

"NGH!" Murata clenched his teeth and reburied his face in Wolfram's shoulder, trying to smother any cries. He held his breath once again as wave after wave of instense white hot pleasure coursed through him. He didn't think it was fair that he came before Wolfram, but at the moment, he really couldn't think of much of anything.

Wolfram made sure to pull the rest of the beads out before Murata's orgasm finished, as pulling them out afterwards would be a little awkward. And no, he didn't come just then, but as the wife he knew that was pretty standard. Murata would finish him off anyway so it was okay <3

Murata had to let his breath out in short bursts and when he was breathing normally, he pulled out of Wolfram, locking their lips together for a short time. As was semi-routine, however, Murata when down on Wolfram, taking his peen into his loving, vice president mouth, tongue-swirling and all.

Oh and there was nothing Wolfram liked more than loving vice president mouths <3 It only took a few swirls of the tongue and he was coming, one hand wound in Murata's hair and the other over his mouth, muffling any cries. He shivered for a few moments afterwards, holding his arms out and waiting for his big important businessman to come back to him for cuddles <3

Just before Murata could properly get back to his wife for some serious afterglow cuddling, the entire scene started to fade and he could tell he was slowly being pulled back into consciousness.

When Murata's eyes fluttered awake, he wasn't very surprised to see the bed saturated... but he was surprised to see the flushed look on Wolfram's face. He swallowed, hard. STUPID DREAM. IF ONLY IT HAD BEEN TRUE.

Wolfram squirmed a bit in his spot, not quite awake yet but able to sense uncomfortable wetness D: After a few moments he opened his eyes and looked down, making a face...and then he realized that Murata had been with him and wow, this was embarrassing. "U-um..I..."

It had taken another look to see that Wolfram was in the same predicament as Murata and he could feel is own face getting hot. "I... I'm sorry, I... it's just..." His voice got really small. He wanted to go back to sleep and go back to that room with Wolfram and their son and... ;___;

Wolfram swallowed thickly, nodding a little, his cheeks reddening. "Another bath? I can have the sheets changed..."

"S-sounds like a plan." Murata shivered and pulled away the sheets. Coming back to reality after something like that really made the world seem to suck. He kept stealing glances at Wolfram... and imagined him with wings and cat ears and big 50's earrings and pregnant and... he wanted to touch him. ;_;

And all Wolfram could think about was cowboy!Murata and that whip and the shackles and the uniform and his big, sexy vice president...sigh u___u
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