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Gwendal Von Voltaire

Who: Evil Gwendal and Gunter
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Gwendal's first evil act is to peen Gunter <3. Also, peen is said a lot.

Evil Gwendal considered doing many things as his first evil act. Now that he was walking down the hall towards Gunter's chamber it was clear that what he decided to do was Gunter.

Gunter was sitting on the bed, wearing his normal robe. It had fallen about his shoulders, though, and the fresh scent of gay indicated that he had just recently bathed. He was carefully combing out his long hair, singing to himself.

Gwendal knocked on Gunter's door, taking care to lean with one arm against the door frame while waiting for Gunter to open it.

Gunter opened it. "Gwennie." He sparkled.

"Gunter." Gwendal reached out with the arm he wasn't leaning on and basically twirled a lock of Gunter's hair with his finger as he eye-raped Gunter. "May I come in?" Oh yes,
Gwendal was making the moves.

Gunter stared at him, and then colored. "Oh, but I'm hardly decent."

"Mm. I see that." Apparently, evil made Gwendal sexy.

Gunter always that Gwendal was sexy. "Oh, um, well, I guess you can come in." He said, backing up.

"Thank you." Gwendal stepped inside after Gunter, closing the door behind it and leaning back against it. He continued to remove Gunter's robe with his eyes.

Gunter would have liked Gwendal to remove his robe with his /hands/. "Um..." He said.

Gwendal began to walk toward Gunter after locking the door, not saying a word. He stopped when he was very much in Gunter's personal space, his chest nearly touching the gayer man's.

Gunter sparkled at him. "Uh, Gwendal..." He said, blushing. "I should really..." His mind blanked. "Do something."

Gwendal leaned in, his nose almost touching Gunter's. "What do you need to do?" He began toying with a lock of Gunter's hair.

Gunter colored a little bit. "Um." He pressed forward to slide his hand down Gwendal's chest. "Um." He repeated.

"Um?" Gwendal brushed his hand up Gunter's chest as he raised it up to tilt Gunter's chin. "Um isn't an answer."

"Kiss me." Gunter melted, staring at Gwendal with eyes full of gay.
"Much obliged." And with that, Gwendal's mouth began a slow yet hostile take over of Gunter's.

Gunter melted into the takeover. He lowered his drawbridge, and opened his doors. He didn't need /any/ convincing.

Gwendal was more than happy to take advantage of the free reign he had over Gunter's mouth. He tangled a hand into Gunter's hair and stepped forward the last bit to press up against Gunter.

Gunter pressed back, his hand stealing to rub Gwendal's tight ass. Heh. Gwendal was a tightass

Gwendal groaned softly into Gunter's mouth, not even trying to keep Gunter from touching him for once. He used his hand that wasn't occupied with Gunter's hand to toy with a nipple through his robe.

Gunter sensed something strange. Gwendal's normal standoffish restraint and blush wasn't there. Gwendal wasn't even as stiff as normal...though Gunter had every intention of fixing that.

"Gwennie, are you okay?" He asked, pulling back and panting, flushed and gay.

"Mhm." Never mind the whole being possessed by an evil spirit thing. Gwendal had no intention of letting Gunter think long enough to question him any more. He reached down and boldly moved a hand under Gunter's robe to fondle his peen.

Gunter liked the fondling, but that was so out of character that he had to gasp. "Why, Lord Von Voltaire!" He said, his voice high and breathy. "I..." He kissed Gwendal wetly, his tongue sliding into the other's mouth

Gwendal smirked against the kiss, more than a little smug because of Gunter's gasping. "Yes, Lord Von Christ?" Gwendal was more than happy to diddle Gunter's peen.

Gunter liked peen-diddling! He might have been the biggest advocate of peen-diddling anywhere (with the possible exception of Wolfram) but he was still suspicious. "I don't think...I mean, you didn' anything Anissina gave you, did you?"

Even evil Gwendal balked at the idea of Anissina. "Of course not!" Gwendal leaned in to steal a light kiss from Gunter before resting his forehead against Gunter's. "It's just.. I've missed you." Oh yes, evil Gwendal knew how to get into Gunter's pants.. err.. robe.

Gunter melted, which made him harder to do, but he would resolidify as soon as Gwendal diddled his peen. "I love you, Gwenniiiie!" He squealed, his arms wrapping around the other. He slid his hand downward to play with Gwendal's manly nipples.

Gunter should have noticed that Gwendal didn't protest to being called Gwenie, but then again he was quite liquidie. Gwendal groaned while attempting to undo Gunter's robe tie for better peen access.

Gunter slid out of his robe with a coquettish smile. "I got some new mint herbal lube."

"Mint? Where did you find that?" Gwendal was busy trying to escape from his jacket.

"I let me help you with that...I brought it at the market." He said, sliding his hand into Gwendal's jacket and freeing him.

Gwendal took advantage of Gunter being so close to kiss him, sliding his hands down his back to squeeze his ass. Yes, Gwendal was obviously horny. "You weren't embarrassed to buy that?"

"I said it was for a massage." Gunter said, eeping as his ass was squeezed and he arched forward against Gwendal's crotch

Gwendal smirked slightly at that. "Does that mean I get a massage?" Naughty massage, of course. Gwendal gripped Gunter's ass and pulled him closer to his crotch, grinding against him. Gwendal didn't like his pants at the moment.

Gunter didn't like Gwendal's pants and was trying to get them off without parting his crotch from Gwendal's crotch for a minute. He groaned against Gwendal's throat, too turned on to talk coherently.

Even evil Gwendal liked it when Gunter couldn't talk. "Hold on." Gwendal moved Gunter's arms around his neck before grabbing him behind his knees and lifting him up. He had decided that it was past time to move to the bed.

Gunter curled in Gwendal's arms, feeling all small and gay. He kissed at Gwendal's manly neck, cuddling up to his warm, evil body.

Gwendal liked small gay things that cuddled his evil body. He toted Gunter over to the bed and set him down. He braced himself on his arms and knees over Gunter. "Where is the lube?"

Gunter dug under his pillow and produced his organic mint lube, then eeled downwards to work his tongue down Gwendal's stomach and into his bellybutton

Gwendal gasped sharply and moaned, being loud without being uke for once in his life. He was still braced over Gunter but his arms were a bit wobbly now.

Gunter giggled and began to diddle Gwendal's peen more as his tongue continued to flick in and out of Gwendal's hole--er, bellybutton

"G-Gunter" Gwendal lowered his head to rest his forehead against the mattress as he moaned. For once he didn't try to escape Gunter's touches, instead just basking in them. He reached down to play with Gunter's hair.

Gunter purred, he loved Gwendal playing with his hair. In fact, he much preferred evil Gwendal to good Gwendal...not that he knew. He sat up on his elbows and kissed Gwendal slowly, lovingly.

Gwendal returned the kiss, both of his hands moving up to play with his hair and gently scratch at Gunter's scalp.

Gunter's scalp liked to be scratched, all that hair was itchy and he rewarded Gwennie with a lazy moan. He began to kiss up Gwennie's cheek and nuzzle at his ear
Gwendal did a very Gunter-like purr as he leaned his head to the side. Gwendal very much wanted attention. He left Gunter's hair alone while he tried to get the rest of his clothes off without moving Gunter off of him.

Gunter helped as much as possible, but mostly he just groped and rubbed, all worked up by his Gwennie's sexy.

Gwendal's sexy was quite strong today. Somehow, Gwendal managed to get out of everything but his thong.

Gunter slid his hand into Gwendal's thong and rubbed at the peen therein, licking at Gwennie's earlobe

Gwendal's peen as happy with the attention. He gasped, groping around for the lube.
Gunter handed him the lube with his non-peen groping hand, squealing softly with delight. He hadn't had a good peening in far too long.

Gwendal would make sure Gunter's ass was peened well. He quickly lubed up his fingers, enjoying the minty smell.

Gunter turned over to reveal his thongless ass to Gwendal.

Gwendal began to lube up and stretch Gunter's peenhole, looking forward to the little noises Gunter would make.

Gunter made dumb, high-pitched noises. It was all very gay and was accompanied by ass-wiggling.

Gwendal tried to get Gunter to keep the ass-wiggling at a minimum since it made it harder to deal with his peenhole.

Gunter's ass liked to put on a little show before it got peened by the forces of evil. So therefore, it ignored Gwendal's attempts and tried to get some more penetrations from Gwendal's fingers.

While Gwendal's evil peen enjoyed Gunter's ass giving him a show, he'd rather be on to the peening part. He removed his fingers so Gunter would have to get down to buisness.

Gunter's ass changed out its hat and cane for more professional, businesslike attire. Like, say, nothing. "Oh Gwendal put your rod in me!"

To which Nicole went off to beat her head against a wall.

Gunter waited patiently to be done.

After Nicole had made a substantial hole in the wall with her head, Gwendal decided to go on ahead without her and start peening Gunter.

Gunter enjoyed how hot and descriptively he was peened.

Gwendal lifted Gunter's knees up for better peenage. Gunter should have really noticed that something was weird with Gwendal because he didn't try to hold his hands down and he was well... enthusiastic.

As long as 'weird' meant 'why hadn't this happened 234063 years ago', yes, Gunter noticed, but was he going to protest? Only if protest meant "Oh Gwendal push it inside of me!"

"Spread your legs wider and I will." If Nicole wasn't lazy today, evil Gwendal would also be talking dirty, but oh well.

Gunter spread his legs wider because he was so turned on by Gwendal's sexy imperative. Yes, nothing was hotter than a straightforward command.

Gwendal moved a hand off of Gunter's knee to tangle his fingers in Gunter's hair. He tugged firmly to make Gunter lean his head back. He wanted that neck.

Gunter privately thought that there were too many vampires around these days, but he tipped his head back to give Gwendal the pleasure of seeing his pale, gay neck expose.

Gwendal was evil after all, so being a vampire was to be expected. He began his new mission of giving Gunter as many hickies on his neck as he could before Gunter protested. He didn't bother with putting them where they could be easily hid with a scarf of collar. He wanted for everyone to see them.

Gunter squirmed a little. "Gwennie! Gwennie, stop it, it'll be embarrassing!" And it kind of hurt, in that erotic way.

"Then make it so we'll match." Gwendal left Gunter's neck alone for now, moving on to nibble at a gay ear.

Gunter blushed and squirmed. Apparently his ear was a good spot to nibble at, because he began to squeal like a stuck pig, which wasn't sexy but was very Gunter.

Even evil Gwendal could only deal with the stuck pig noise so much, so he moved on to nibble and bestow hickies on a pale shoulder. He idally wondered just how flexible Gunter was. "Lift a leg up.. as far as you can."

Gunter was very flexible, because he didn't have bones when he was being done. He was basically just a big pile of sexy goo. He stretched his leg back to his chest.

Gwendal was intrigued with the goo he was peening. He held Gunter's stretched out leg by the calf, making sure it stayed in place so he could have an interesting new angle to hit Gunter's prostate.

Gunter's prostate responded by sending electric signals to his brain that made him go, "OH GWENNIE!" He clung to the bed, spasming with each hard thrust.

Gwendal didn't mind 'Gwennie' as long as Gunter was screaming it <3. While Gunter was distracted, Gwendal went about littering a few more hickies across his neck and shoulders.

Gunter was distracted enough by the electric signals that overrode conscious thought and kept up with the "oh gwennie"

Gwendal reached down to stroke Gunter's peen just to see if the 'oh gwennie's would get louder.

The 'Oh Gwennie' reached eardrum shattering decibels

Gwendal considered putting a pillow over Gunter's head but he'd rather not suffocate Gunter. Yet anyway. So he ended up kissing him to save his eardrums.

Gunter slid his tongue into Gwendal's mouth, opening his lips and shuddering under the heat and longing that passed between them

Since Annie stepped up the descriptions, Nicole felt compelled to as well. Gwendal teased Gunter's tongue with his own, running it over the gayer man's bottom lip when the kiss ended. Gwendal couldn't keep himself from openly panting after the kiss, paying more attention to Gunter's peen as he thrust into him.

Gunter liked when Gwendal run things over his bottom. lip. Gunter's peen liked the attention and did another dance.

So much for good descriptions. "G-Gunter, I hope you didn't need t-to do anything tomorrow." Gwendal stopped moving his hips and let go of Gunter's leg. He wrapped his arms around Gunter and sat up with him in his lap just for a change in position.

Gunter sat in Gwendal's lap like Gwendal was Santa Claus, giving him a very big present. Up his anal. With his peen.

Gay sex.

If Gwendal knew who Santa was he'd be disturbed by the reference. He held Gunter by the hips and lifted him up and down on his lap. Yay, Gunter got to top... kind of.

Gunter lifted his hips up and down, his long hair tickling against Gwendal's manly chest, riding the Gwendal pony.

Gwendal managed to ignore the tickling in favor of lifting his hips off the bed to match Gunter's movements.

Gunter's hips didn't lie.

Gwendal thought that this was perfecto.

Gunter's anal made squelching noises as Gwendal's peen went in and out, but luckily they were drowned out by the extremely gay moaning and whimpering that came out of Gunter's mouth.

Gwendal was making his own noises to help cover up the squelching, but they were decidedly more manly than Gunter's.

Gunter's noises were higher-pitched. In fact, the more he got done, the higher they got. Soon only dogs and bats would be able to hear them.

And manbats.

Gwendal decided that it may be better for all the castle's glass, dogs, and various strains of bats if he helped Gunter finish faster than he had planned. He rubbed at Gunter's peen, hoping that and the peening would make the squealing stop.

Gunter's peen was rubbed and he began to squirm on Gwendal's peen, turning back and forth to provide friction so they could start a fire and not freeze to death.

Gwendal doubted they were going to freeze to death any time soon. "Gunter?" Gwendal nuzzled his face into Gunter's neck as he peened him.

Gunter groaned. "Mmmuhhnnn?" He responded, which translated into, "Yes, Lord Von Voltaire?"

"I love you." Oh yes, Gwendal would be mortified once he became un-evil.

Gunter came. Hard.

Gwendal followed immediately from the sheer force of Gunter's, crying out loudly. He hadn't expected it at all so he was quite surprised.

Gunter sparkled. "I love you too Gwennie!" He kissed him hungrily and then leaned on him. "Oh. Its so romantic."

Gwendal was still shaking from his orgasm so he lowered Gunter and himself back to lay on the bed. That way he wouldn't fall on him and he could cuddle better <3. He returned the kiss before smiling at Gunter, his cheeks heating up.

Gunter cuddled up to Gwendal, pausing to wonder if Gwendal was evil or something. Only a force of true evil would give him the peening of his life and tell him he loved him and cuddle with him afterwards. Then he dismissed the thought and wrapped himself around Gwendal, dreaming of a white wedding as he kissed Gwendal's chest.

Gwendal kissed the top of Gunter's head, smirking into his hair. He'd let Gunter nap for a while before he woke him up for another peening. Gunter wasn't going to be able to walk around tomorrow if Gwendal had anything to do with it.

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