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Gwendal Von Voltaire

Who: Gwendal and Wolfram
Rating: G
Summary: Evil Gwendal can't handle cute things...

Evil Gwendal was sitting at his evil desk working on some evil paperwork with an evil smirk on his face. War declarations were so much fun to write.

Wolfram slowly made his way to his brother's office door, knocking softly. He had been preparing to consult Gwendal about his morning training and, well, he wasn't looking forward to it.

Gwendal quickly put his current papers into his knitting drawer and pulled out his knitting as cover. "Come in."

Wolfram peeked his head in cutely before he stepped inside, standing stiffly before his brother's desk. "Aniue..."

"......" Evil Gwendal hadn't encountered Wolfram just yet so he wasn't quite sure what to do. He knew he had an overwhelming urge he had to take care of though. Gwendal reached into a drawer of his desk, stood up, and held something out in front of Wolfram's face.

A large rainbow lollie pop.

Wolfram stared blankly at the lollipop for a few moments, glancing back and forth from it to his brother's eyes. "...huh?" He was confused, to say the least.

Gwendal watched Wolfram expectantly. "..... Take it."

"...really?" Wolfram's eyes widened. He usually had to pester Gwendal for hours to get a tiny piece of hard candy, and now this?

"....... If you don't want it I'll give it away." No he wouldn't. Gwendal had been keeping this piece of candy for Wolfram if he ever did anything nice.

Wolfram immediately shook his head and snatched the lollipop from Gwendal, holding onto it possessively.

Gwendal smiled slightly before sitting back down. He was satisfied.

Wolfram had forgotten what he had originally gone to see Gwendal for, too busy tearing the wrapper off of his treat and beginning to dig in. He leaned forward slightly, looking at Gwendal's desk curiously. "What are you knitting?"

Gwendal looked down at his knitting, having to think about it for a minute. "A dragon."

"Oh..." Wolfram just nodded and continued licking his lollipop, refraining from mentioning that it looked more like a snake. Really ,didn't dragons have legs?

Gwendal's dragon didn't need legs. It had two sets of very cute wings with which to move with. Legs were over-rated.

Except..then it was a flying snake. But Wolfram kept his mouth shut, except to nibble at the edge of the lollipop as he watched Gwendal's fingers work.

"How long has it been since you had a morning off from training?" Evil Gwendal had a very large soft spot for Wolfram.

Wolfram's eye twitched a few times. "'ve never given me a morning off."

"..... Don't show up tomorrow."

Wolfram's was silent for a few minutes, just staring. "..wait what???"

"... It looks like it will rain tomorrow. I don't feel like getting wet." Not that it ever bothered Gwendal before. He always had an umbrella while leaving Wolfram out in the rain.

Wolfram frowned a bit, remembering all of those times...but he kept his mouth shut again for fear of Gwendal revoking his precious day off. "Yeah well.."


"...well...I...won't be there." Wolfram mumbled, watching his brother closely. Something was different..

"Good." Gwendal continued to knit. "... Was there something you needed?"

" Not really." Wolfram looked back at the door, slowly making progress on the huge lollipop.

"...." God, Wolfram was cute. :D

Wolfram looked back at Gwendal, his eyes large and innocent as he licked at the lollipop, looking like he was 20 years old again and making even Murata seem like a pedophile.

"....................." Gwendal blushed before reaching over to pat the top of Wolfram's head like he did when Wolfram was little.

Wolfram's eyes grew larger and wow, lolishota right there.

"......................." Gwendal had to hug it. So he did.

Wolfram's eyes managed to widen even more and he shifted his arm just in time to keep the lollipop from getting smushed. Gwendal hadn't hugged him in ages.. "...aniue?"

"....." Now Gwendal was embarrassed of himself, which showed in his blush.

"Aniue..." Wolfram had to ask. "..are you feeling alright?" He lifted a hand to press it flat against Gwendal's head to check for a fever, having to stand on his toes to reach.

Gwendal ducked down to let Wolfram feel his head. "I'm fine."

"Hmm...I don't know. Maybe you should go and see Giesela." Wolfram nodded sagely as if he knew what he was talking about.

"... I'm fine, really."

"..if you say so." Wolfram shrugged it off, not going to argue since Gwendal's weirdness was working in his favor.

Gwendal shuffled back behind his desk so he wouldn't have the urge to hug Wolfram again.

And Wolfram slowly shuffled to the door, keeping an eye on Gwendal as he walked and looking for any more signs of weirdness.

Gwendal just quietly knitted, waiting for Wolfram to leave so he could go about waging war.

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