Shibuya Yuuri (carefree_king) wrote in maoulicious,
Shibuya Yuuri

Who: Gwendal/Yuuri
Rating: G
What: Yuuri cultivates mushrooms and emo and listens to Evanescence singing Linkin Park but then Gwendal interrupts and finally does something evil. But you'll have to read this log to find out just how evil it is.

Gwendal walked down the hall to Yuuri's room while carrying an impressive stack of papers. He had left his coat in Gunter's room because he was in a rush to get these papers signed while Gunter was still sore and stuck in his room. It also allowed him to openly display the few hickies he recieved from Gunter. <3 Somehow he managed to knock on Yuuri's door without dropping a paper.

"Come in." Yuuri said. A cloud of stink surrounded the king as he lay fetal on the bed, clutching a baseball glove to his chest.

Gwendal magically got the door open with his foot. Don't ask, he's Gwendal and he can do that. "Heika, I would appriciate it if you could do your job and sign a few of these documents." Gwendal lifted an eyebrow at the stink cloud.

Yuuri shook his head. "I'm the worst person ever. How could I do that to my best friend? How could I hurt him like that?" He didn't even look at Gwendal. "Why doesn't anybody come to...yell at me? Why doesn't anybody hate me?"

"...."This was not what Gwendal wanted to deal with. "Heika, did you want to rape either of them?"

"...No, of course not! I would never want to hurt Wolf or Ken!" Yuuri looked hurt by the suggestion

"Then it isn't your fault. You were possessed by something that made you do things you didn't want. That's why we don't hate you..... However, I am here to yell at you." Gwendal gestured to the stack of papers.

Yuuri sat up. "...oh yeah. Papers...what are they about?" He didn't want to be kingly. He wanted to emo

"Land disputes, several complaints about having a neighbors tree branches being in their yards, contracts for farmers during harvest time.. " War declarations, but Yuuri didn't need to know about that.

"Shouldn't Gunter be here? He's normally here when I sign things. And..hey, Gwendal, what exactly happened when the evil left me? I don't remember that part so well."

Gwendal blushed and started to air-knit for effect. "He.. is tired today." He cleared his throat before answering Yuuri's second question. "It disappeared as soon as it left your body. It looked like it disentegrated so I'm assuming that whatever it was died."

Yuuri sighed. "All..all right. Do I have to read it? Gunter always makes me read it. He said, in the war, Celi got tricked into signing a lot of things by not reading first."

Gunter's legacy of awesome teachings lived on

Gwendal looked at the stack of papers, frowning a bit. "Well, I do need them quickly.... They were supposed to be taken care of two days ago but you've been hiding."

"Do you have a pen?" Yuuri only had mushrooms

Gwendal produced one from his pocket and held it out to Yuuri. He was awesome like that. "And Heika, unlike Mother, you can trust your advisors. We'd never trick you into doing something against your will." Unless they were evil.

Yuuri never suspected Gwendal of evil. After all, gay air-knitting. He did scan the documents quickly looking for words small enough for him to understand, just because Gunter cried when he didn't.

Thankfully, Gwendal wasn't the kind to use small words. Also, for every hundred papers there was only one which Gwendal really wanted signed... and those hadn't been completely written out yet.

Yuuri signed things with "Shibuya Yuuri" instead of his normal signature, but that was only because he was emo. "Why aren't you mad at me, Gwendal? Wolfram's your little brother."

".... I must admit that slamming your face into a wall a few times helped me through my anger." That was true at least.

Yuuri blushed. "I'm sorry, Gwendal." He said, meeker now, signing the papers like a dumb gay thing

"... I'm not who you should be apologizing to." Gwendal's frown did dissolve at the gay thing's apology though.

"That's everything signed. I'm sorry I...haven't been kingly lately."

Gwendal peered at Yuuri for a long moment before reaching out to pat the top of the gay thing's head. "I understand why.... but you need to understand that it wasn't your fault."

"...I let him make me evil! I let him--it--hurt Murata and Wolf!"

"You didn't let it do anything. It forced you to do those things." Gwendal picked up his pen and the papers. "I suggest you stop cultivating mushrooms in here and begin to try and set things right with everyone."

Yuuri smiled. "Thank you, Gwendal. You're always so not-evil."

Gwendal frowned in true Gwendal fashion. "You're welcome.. I think." He began to tote the papers away.. time to wage war, betray his king, and molest Gunter. It was going to be a good day for evil Gwendal.

Yuuri cultivated a few more discreet mushrooms

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