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Who: Wolfram and Murata
When: after the weird dream
Rated: nc-17
Summary: Mura and Wolf take a bath to wash off their wet dream... and then FINALLY kiss and make up... and attempt to do it... but fail... and Wolfram doesn't please Murata. The end.

Wolfram sighed softly when he settled into the water, carefully avoiding Murata's eyes. Sure the other man had been in the same situation as he was, but it was still embarrassing. He tapped at the water lightly, watching little ripples and trying NOT to think about all of the sex and..and LIESEL T^T

Murata on the other hand was intrigued. Since both he AND Wolfram had been in similar situations, he concluded that Wolfram must have had an enticing dream... but was it as interesting as Murata's? At all? Judging by the way Wolfram was indiscretely avoiding him, Murata deducted that...


After a few long minutes of silence, Wolfram finally spoke up, the curiousity killing him. "Hey Mura?" He paused for effect. "...what color hair do you think Liesel would have?" Because he couldn't seem to remember what color it had been in the dream ;_;

"Blond, of course." Murata said without hesitation.. but then he had to think a moment. Wasn't it black when they were wrestling in the living room? ... but it was... blond when they tucked him in to bed. He frowned. "Or maybe... black?"

"I would hope black...because it's so much more regal and beautiful." Wolfram nodded, agreeing with himself.

But black seemed so... normal. And at the same time, Murata still harbored those feelings for being made fun of for having black hair in his first life, so...

"Why do you ask?"

"I don't know..." Wolfram mumbled, glancing over at Murata. "Just...a weird dream I had."


.. Murata made his brain calm down. That was a ridiculous assumption. Jeez. Instead, he decided to think more rationally and put a few pieces together. "That's funny.. I had a dream with Liesel in it, too. But it wasn't for long. I just remember giving him mashed potatoes and him hating corn." He laughed. "That would be so like him, wouldn't it?"

Wolfram stared at Murata for a long time. Liesel had done that in his dream too. This was..really really weird... "...was I wearing high heels?"

"....yeah...." Murata said slowly, sinking into the bathwater. "And big earrings and makeup. It was kind of nice, really..." He sighed, remembering Wolfram's shiny lips. <3

Wolfram gulped. There was no way. Absolutely NO WAY that they'd had the same dream...but he couldn't help but prod. " blue lingerie?" He asked softly, trying to disappear under the water slowly.

Murata paused, his breath catching. How would Wolfram know that? He had figured the high heels thing would be a good guess... or something, but blue lingerie? He ended up answering that with a question of his own. "Vice President?"

Wolfram was quiet for a moment before he mumbled softly. "Vice Presidents just happen to be my biggest turn on.." And then he ducked under the water, trying to avoid embarrassment.

Murata could barely hear that, but when he did, he knew he had heard enough. Disregarding their mutual understanding of 'let's not touch each other very much for some reason,' Murata waded across the water to get a hold of Wolfram so he wouldn't drown himself. This TOTALLY meant that Wolfram had a wet dream about HIM and not someone else! All other reasoning flew out the window, Murata didn't care. ... even if he had worn assless chaps and rode Wolfram whilst whipping him. "Wolfram!" He tugged his husband above the surface. "Tell me... is it possible to share a dream with someone?"

And suddenly Wolfram was being tugged up and he could no longer hide how red his cheeks had gotten D: He kept his eyes averted as he answered, afraid of what would happen if he met Murata's. "I..I'm not sure.'s a sign, you know? From Shi-...okay, not Shinou, but from some other all-powerful being who doesn't eat babies that..we're supposed to be together..."

"Tha--" Murata stopped to swallow for no real reason at all. "That's what I was... thinking... because I..." He didn't really want to openly talk about the bondage fairy right now, either. "I really liked being with you again... and I missed it all so much. But if.. we both dreamt it, then... does that count? I mean.. you know..." He couldn't find the right words at all. If they were both aware of what they were doing in the dream, then that meant they had broken then mutual understanding of 'let's not touch each other very much for some reason.'

Wolfram didn't mean to, he really didn't, but his eyes moved of their own accord to meet Murata's, locking themselves there..and he knew he had lost. "I think.." He stopped to swallow the lump in his throat. "I think that our subconsciouses know what we want far better than we do."

Wolfram's words hit Murata hard, causing him to sway. It was like some kind of blindfold had been taken off his eyes and he could finally see just how ridiculous they were being. They had been so caught up in their duty as husbands and what was just and moral and right that they had lost sight of what they had wanted. In fact, hadn't their relationship started out being immoral and wrong in the first place? They could deal with something like this... and they had obviously tortured themselves over it enough.

Murata reached a hand out to touch Wolfram's bare side... something that seemed to be elevated now that it was the real world and not just some dream. "I don't regret having that dream. Not at all. In fact, I think I needed it." He smiled, his eyes soft. "Wolfram... may I... kiss you?"

Wolfram shivered when he was touched, goosebumps rising on his skin from just that simple motion. It seemed like it had been forever since Murata had dared to touch him with that intent. He nodded slowly in answer to Murata's question, watching his husband with large, green eyes and just waiting patiently like a girl on her first date.

Murata's dark eyes darted back and forth between Wolfram's and he gulped, deciding that it was now or never and he was going to go in for the kill. He knew that the moment he kissed Wolfram, he wouldn't be THAT incredibly scared about it anymore... but he just had to get there, first. He made a combination of pulling Wolfram close to him and closing in on him at the same time. When he finally completely his long and treacherous journey to meet Wolfram's lips with his own, his heart started to beat again and he was able to give Wolfram a real kiss. <3

Wolfram's breath caught in the back of his throat and it took him a moment to remember how to kiss back properly. It was like his first kiss all over again: heart racing, hands shaking, and lips fumbling in a heartwarmingly awkward manner. And when he pulled back a moment later, he was sure that he was going to pass out at any moment from the combination of nerves and happiness...and he couldn't help but laugh softly, a smile spreading across his face.

Wolfram's smile was contagious and Murata found himself smiling along with him. A second hand landed itself on the other side of Wolfram's waist and Murata remained there holding onto Wolfram as if he might blow away in some unseen breeze. "I.. you... you have no idea how long I've wanted to do that." He laughed a little as he said it, his voice shaking. ... he wanted to do it again. D:

Wolfram leaned back against the edge of the bath for support, laughing a bit more. He was happy. It was like suddenly all the tension was gone and everything was just..perfect. "I...I can imagine..."

The smile on Murata's face grew wider and his eyes finally started to sparkle again. He felt like... like he could SING if he only knew how! Suddenly, he had Wolfram in a tight embrace, face buried in Wolfram's hair. "I like how our consciousness finally gave us a full circle slap in the face." He grinned between fits of laughter, swaying lightly with Wolfram in his arms. Okay, so Wolfram wasn't wearing cat ears and a bell, but Murata seriously thought him ten thousand times sexier in that moment than any form he had taken in on in his dream. This was the real Wolfram and the real Wolfram kissed him back and ... and... Eeeee!

Well Wolfram was naked, at least, so he was sexy anyway. He nodded, unable to keep the smile from his face as he wrapped his arms around Murata's back, nuzzling back into the familiar spot between his husband's neck and shoulder and just chuckling against his wet skin. "We're pretty stupid sometimes, aren't we?"

"Sometimes?" Murata pointed out. "Try stupid all the time. Or at least for the past week or two." He ran his hands up and down Wolfram's bare back. "I'm sorry for all this.. but I promise... from now on, I'll be the best husband I can possibly be. Starting with giving you as many kisses as you want and as often as you want them."

Wolfram's smile managed to widen and he nuzzled more against Murata's shoulder, pressing a few kisses to it. "Is that a promise?" He asked, voice teasing.

"To the best of my ability, yes. I Can't give you kisses if you've been called out to duty, obviously." He sighed. It would be so much different than their dream. Wolfram would be the one going to war... not Murata. But did that means Murata was the pregnant one? He blinked inwardly and changed the subject in his mind. "But yes... it's a promise. But I guess... if you ever feel the need for a kiss, then I'm not doing my job, am I?"

"If I ever feel the need then I'll go and find you, okay?" Wolfram lifted his head to press a kiss to Murata's cheek..then another...then another. It just seemed like he couldn't stop himself!

"Okay." Murata smiled against Wolfram's kisses, his cheeks enjoying the attention. He did, however, dare to move his head slightly so that Wolfram's parade of kisses made a sudden trail to his mouth and he gave Wolfram a little kiss back. It was a quick peck, but he was satisfied and began to laugh again. "Oh... Wolfram I love you." SQUEEZE.

Wolfram giggled softly and pressed a kiss to the tip of Murata's nose after, just staring into his husband's eyes and smiling. "I love you too...even though you poured melted cheese on me." Yeah, he remembered :P

"It sounded like a good idea at the time!" Murata pouted. "You poured hot chocolate candle wax on me, to be even." He harumphed, but didn't lose his smile. He liked it. XD

"Yeah but...but at least it was chocolate! That's normal! You made me into a nacho!" Wolfram's pout matched Murata's, and it was just as fake.

"But... I like nachos." Murata blinked. And if Wolfram was a nacho, that meant he was ten times better, right? Murata was bad at recognizing fake pouts for this tag and grew worried.

"So why didn't you marry one of them instead of me?" Wolfram sniffled, being dramatic, almost unable to keep in his laughter.

"I can't marry a nacho!" ... ah.. hmm. Once Murata said that, it suddenly didn't sound like such a wonderful statement. He made a face.

Wolfram lifted his head to peer at Murata...then burst into laughter. ", really? Because I was sure that you could." He rolled his eyes and kept on laughing, nuzzling back against Murata's shoulder.

"O....oh..." Murata really didn't comprehend what Wolfram had said. He was too busy liking Wolfram laughing. It made him smile and forget that he was dumb for licking cheese off his husband. HIS HUSBAND. WHO ACTUALLY LIKED HIM. He held tightly to him for a moment and then said another dumb thing. "Wolfram, how did you get pregnant?"

Wolfram's laughter slowly died off when Murata asked that question and he stared for a moment, actually thinking about it. "...I...I don't know. But wow, I was fat.." He laughed awkwardly.

"Liesel was kicking and that was weird... and if I'm correct, we really shouldn't have been doing it after the second trimester." Leave it to Murata to point out something useless.

Wolfram nodded a few times, starting to shift in his spot. "Yeah but..I mean...there's no telling exactly where Liesel was in it might have been okay.."

Murata decided this was a weird subject and decided to drop it for great science. "Yes. Well." He grinned. "You did look awfully nice in that schoolgirl uniform. It reminded me of our honeymoon."

Wolfram blushed slightly and looked down at the water..which was a bad idea because the bubbles had cleared now and he could kind of see Murata's peen, which made him blush more. " never did me in it then..."

"It was far too nice on you to get soiled..." Murata placed a hand under Wolfram's chin to tilt his head upward. /But right now, I wouldn't mind doing you in it./ ... was the thought that was in his head at the moment, but he didn't say it for fear of ruining what he'd worked so hard to establish.

"We could've washed it and you know it!" Wolfram objected, pouting, his bottom lip jutted out cutely. "It was our honeymoon! We were supposed to be going at it nonstop..."

Instead of what really happened... Murata saw this going nowhere good and changed the subject again. This was supposed to be a happy occasion. Happy! He smiled wide. "Want to know a secret?"

"A secret??" Wolfram perked up, his eyebrows raising. "Tell me!" He tightened his hold on Murata's waist as if his husband might try to get away before he spilled.

"Well.. it might not really be a secret... but..." Murata's eyes twinkled. "Remember that present von Voltaire gave us?"

Wolfram paused, thinking back. "You mean...the box?" He asked softly, feeling the blush on his cheeks return.

"Yeah..." Murata swallowed, his fingers fidgeting on Wolfram's sides. "There was one thing in there that I took out and hid... but I've never found a time to use it. That's the secret."

Wolfram's eyes widened and began to sparkle. "..really???" He clung tighter, staring up at Murata with uke eyes. "What is it???"

"It's..." and suddenly Murata was embarassed about it. He used to NOT BE SO EMBARASSED about three seconds ago when he wanted to tell Wolfram, but.. Wolfram looked so happy that Murata couldn't help it. "... edible underwear."

Wolfram's eyes managed to sparkle even more, filled with gay. "Really??? Why didn't you ever use it?!?"

"I never got the chance..." Murata mumbled, still fidgeting. "The timing just never seemed right. I wanted to put them on beforehand and surprise you when you'd take my pants off, but I was afraid it'd be messy."

Wolfram giggled a little. It was a sweet thought, anyway. "You know.." He mumbled, leaning up to nuzzle against Murata's ear. "We could've just enjoyed them together. It was surprise enough to know that you had them.."

"Like... what?" Murata blinked and raised his voice in a roleplay type manner. "'Oh, Wolfram! For dinner tonight, lets eat these panties!'"

Wolfram rolled his eyes and suddenly started to nibble Murata's earlobe lightly. "No..I mean like, 'Hey Wolfram, let's play with these tonight.' And then you'd put them on and I'd eat them off of you.."

"I... see..." Murata tried to ignore the lightning bolts of electricity shot down his spine when Wolfram did that. "I wish there were two pair in there..."

Wolfram snickered softly and tugged Murata's earlobe with his teeth. "Such a shame. I guess only you can wear them."

Murata swallowed hard and ended up tugging Wolfram tight. "But... but what about you? And how will I have dessert?"

"Me?" Wolfram purred, a smirk on his face. "I'll just enjoy eating them off of you, of course." <3

"... Tear off a piece for me so I know what it tastes like?" Murata asked with a hopeful look on his face. ... and then he imagined Wolfram tearing at the underwear with his teeth and feeding a piece to him.. and then decided that maybe he shouldn't be this close to Wolfram. His peen couldn't breathe.

Wolfram pulled back, nodding and looking sly as he pressed their hips together and hee his peen was hard <3 "Of course. I'll feed it to you, too." He couldn't help it! The had made him a whore again!

Murata couldn't believe he was saying this to himself, but...

He missed Wolfram being a whore.

In fact, since Wolfram hadn't been being a whore, Murata knew that the world was in chaos... and now that he did THAT And his whoreside was coming back, Murata knew that things were slowly falling back into place.

So... "Wolfram, I love you!" For letting him eat his own underwear. .. yeah.

Wolfram paused, staring for a few moments...and then started to laugh. "I love you too but where did that come from?"

"My heart." ^-^

It took every ounce of strength that Wolfram had in him to keep himself from melting. To reward Murata for that he leaned forward for a soft, sweet kiss, just barely swiping his tongue across his husband's bottom lip. As he pulled back he murmured an 'Iloveyou', locking eyes with his husband.

Murata wasn't really thinking about using his strength to stop himself from melting, so when Wolfram did that, he actually did melt, sinking down to sit on the seatshelf of the bath, defeated. He just.... he absolutely LOVED it when Wolfram did that and ... wow his legs were still jelloid. He reached out for Wolfram since he couldn't unmelt himself and go back to his husband. He just.... he loved him so much... every ounce of his being wanted to scream it.

Wolfram smiled and giggled softly, running a hand through Murata's damp hair. He wasn't sure what else to say so he just savored the silence, breaking it with the occassional giggle. He just...he loved Murata so much his heart could burst and it was such a relief to be able to profess it again <3

"Wolfram..." Murata started slowly, looking at him with eyes that sparkled more than they should have. "Let's hurry and finish washing before we turn into prunes." He wanted to be able to cuddle more... and to kiss more and to shower Wolfram with more affection.

"If you insist." Wolfram mumbled, not very excited to be away from Murata for the few moments it took to scrub himself down. He went at breakneck speed, though, and a few moments later he was standing dry and in a clean nightgown, awaiting his husband.

Murata thought he was the only one who was going to be Speed Racer about bathing, but when he looked up to see that Wolfram was just as fast as he was, his heart did happy little flips in his chest. "So... you think the sheets on our bed have been changed by now?"

Wolfram nodded. "I'm sure...and I'm sure there will be plenty of gossip about it around the castle. But whatever, lets go." He reached out and grabbed Murata's hand as soon as his husband was decent, tugging him out of the room.

Wolfram tugged Murata hurriedly down the hall and to their room, closing and locking the door before settling back in the fresh sheets. He smiled widely, crooking his finger for Murata to join him.

Murata crawled into the freshly changed bed and assumed a very ritual clinging position the very moment he was able. He was suddenly aware of his aura sparkling and he tried to tone down his happiness... or at least the outward exploitation of it. "I'm home." He said suddenly into the stale air ahead of him. Well... that sounded dumb, but maybe Wolfram was in lovelove mode, too, and wouldn't notice?

Yes, Wolfram was in super ultra lovelove mode so the stupid comment just made him smile wider and nuzzle against Murata's hair, clinging tightly. "Never leave again?"

"I don't think you even need to worry about that." Murata assured him. Really. At this point, he was afraid to even speak for very long with other people. He had come so close to losing Wolfram and ...well...he NEVER wanted to go through THAT pain again. "I'll always be yours."

"Good." Wolfram pressed a kiss to the top of Murata's head...and then pressed a few more <3 And then he clung tighter, little gay hearts floating around his head.

Murata looked up at Wolfram, eyes filled with gay. It was high time for another kiss and Murata delivered it with as many sparkles as he could. His own little hearts were mingling with Wolfram's hearts.

Eeee Murata kisses :D :D Wolfram's hearts grew bigger as they locked lips and he took his time deepening the kiss, just barely using his tongue against Murata's lips while his hands roamed along his husband's back.

Murata brought a hand up to softly stroke it along Wolfram's cheek as he fell into the deeper kiss, his hearts exploding and reforming themselves, only to explode again. His legs tangled in Wolfram's and he was suddenly quite aware to get as muhc of himself glued to Wolfram as he could... to make up for being so far away all the time in the past.

And Wolfram was more than happy to accept all of Murata, tugging him so close that it was a wonder he hadn't managed to absorb the Sage. When he felt the kiss starting to go too far he pulled back, his lips just barely hovering over Murata's as he panted softly, heart racing. "I missed you so much.." He whispered.

"I missed you, too..." Murata started to shake and he frowned, clinging to Wolfram to get himself to stop He couldn't help it. ;_; He was far too happy and far too astonished at his life at the moment. "I missed everything about you..." He couldn't control his voice any more above a whisper, but it wasn't like he really needed his voice at the moment, either.

Wolfram pushed his hands up under the back of Murata's shirt to gently pet his back, trying to calm him down. "Shh..." He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Murata's forehead, trailing a fingertip down the curve of his spine.

Yeah... that really wasn't helping Murata's situation. At all. Instead, he buried his face in Wolfram's chest and counted to ten to control his breathing. That seemed more appropriate.

Well Wolfram was trying to help ;_; his own slutty way that involved sliding his hands down to where they almost pushed into Murata's pajama pants but turned back up at the last moment. He was helping :D

He was teasing. D: And Murata didn't know if Wolfram wanted to do him or not. And... okay, so Wolfram said he always wanted to do him, but Murata didn't know if Wolfram's BRAIN wanted to do him because Murata sure as hell wanted to be done. Or be the one doing the doing. Either or, really. "Wolfraaaaam..." He whined into his chest, his little butt wriggling around at the touch.

Wolfram smiled, amused, and pulled back to look down at his husband. "What can I do for you?" He raked his nails gently down Murata's back, just smiling innocently.

Murata pouted. Genuinely. "You're making yourself difficult to read." He clenched his fists in Wolfram's nightclothes, bunching them up unintentionally. It was just... Wolfram.. and his nails... and Murata's back... and the lack of touch had made everything sensitive.

"Difficult to read? We're married, haven't you figured out all there is to know about me yet?" Wolfram snickered softly, sliding his hands along Murata's sides.

Murata stared at him. "I don't think I'll ever figure out everything there is to know about you." He let his hands slowly unclench and move down to the small of Wolfram's back, the tips of his fingers moving in small circles. Talking was calming him down a little, but he didn't know what he'd do if he got riled up in another kiss again.

Wolfram closed his eyes and sighed deeply, enjoying the attention. "I wonder if you'll be saying that in ten years.." Finally he dared to delve his hands into the back of Murata's pants, though he only ran his fingertips along his lower lower back rather than diving for the ass.

Murata could feel jolts of electricity in his .... groin just thinking about how close Wolfram's hands were to several different sensitive spots on his body. "I might... you know. I may know all your little quirks and habits, but I still may not know everything there is to know about you." He made a face like an owl. Whatever that was.

"What about in twenty years?" Wolfram mumbled, moving to nuzzle under Murata's chin, his hands sliding down slowly to give his husband and ass massage. Wolfram found owls sexy.

Murata scratched his nails one by one like little spiders on the small of Wolfram's back and then began bunching up Wolfram's nightgown. It was such a pain. ;_; He couldn't give Wolfram a proper back molestation if there were clothes in the way. Gosh. But it made him look like a pervert and like he was trying to get to Wolfram's knickers or something. D:

But it must not have mattered because Wolfram was already massaging his ass.

Yeah, it really didn't...because Wolfram was a whore and would totally spread his legs for Murata if he showed the slightest interest. He wasn't being overenthusiastic about the ass-rubbing, though, just taking his time and being thorough. "Hey Mura? ...what are you thinking?" He mumbled, being a woman.

"I'm thinking.... about how far you'll let me go." Murata was a man and he was blunt like that. He had succeeded in getting Wolfram's skirt---nightgown up and could infiltrate the fabric barrier and run his hands up and down Wolfram's bare back, already being generally excited that he could indulge in such supp-le flesh. He pressed his fingers along Wolfram's spine in some king of mini-massage. "And how amazing you are." Flattery will get you everywhere. Including Wolfram's panties.

Wolfram snickered softly, leaning up to press a kiss just under Murata's ear. "Keep going..." Wolfram wanted his panties gone. He slid his hands away from Murata's ass to massage the sides of his thighs instead, a smile on his face.

Wolfram snickered softly, leaning up to press a kiss just under Murata's ear. "Keep going..." Wolfram wanted his panties gone. He slid his hands away from Murata's ass to massage the sides of his thighs instead, a smile on his face.

Wolfram had said the magic words. The MAGIC words that were filled with magic. And words. And heart! Murata's hands moved back downward again, thumbing the edge of Wolfram's thong and pulling the strings to untie the sides. Really, it was so convenient... <3 Once Wolfram's butt had been relieved of the confines of his underwear, Murata grabbed it like he was hungered and used it as leverage to pull Wolfram close to him in a tight embrace... that involved assgrabbing.

Aw, but that was Wolfram's favorite type of embrace anyway <3 He giggled a bit, though, making sure to wiggle close, one of his hands snaking inbetween Murata's thighs to prod just barely at the coveted Mura spot X3

Murata shivered and tightened his grip on Wolfram's cheeks. His own legs twitched as they tried to pry themselves open but no! No! Wolfram was going to be showered with affection by Murata and so far he hadn't been doing a very good job. To compensate for this, Murata pressed a kiss to Wolfram's temple and moved down the side of his face until he was able to reach the beloved lips. Once he reached that destination, did he finally bring his hands back from massaging Wolfram's asscheeks around to the sides and used his thumbs to make circles reaching closer and closer to Wolfram's peen, but stayed within the hip junction. He was too busy kissing wolfram to go in for the kill, yet.

Wolfram was easily distracted, his hands moving up to the safe haven of Murata's lower back when he was kissed, making himself able to fully concentrate on nibbling and sucking on Murata's bottom lip. But now Murata's hands were moving and he could feel his groin area starting to tingle, desperately wanting attention..and he couldn't help but wiggle his lower half a bit, trying to give Murata a hint.

Oh, Murata caught those hints. He caught them well. So well in fact, that he couldn't wait to comply with Wolfram's wishes and grazed a hand over his peen. It was only once, though. He wanted to make sure this was alright with wolfram. The moment he did it, though, he could feel his entire face go red. He missed a beat on kissing Wolfram and he had let his guard down a moment to moan.

Murata actually moaned from touching Wolfram's peen. (The attention paid to his lip aside, kthx.)

Wolfram gasped suddenly when he finally felt Murata's hand against his peen and he couldn't help but whimper when his husband didn't do more. That single teasing stroke had made his peen beyond hard and it was more than just uncomfortable. "Muraaa.." He whined, pouting and looking like he used a whole tube of lipgloss on his bottom lip.

THAT meant it was okay and Murata did it again, this time repeating his motion quite often... not even bothering to worry about whether or not it would be okay because Wolfram was certainly letting him know it was. In a sudden fit of needing-a-kiss, Murata smashed his lips against Wolfram's, not even wasting a moment in parting Wolfram's lips with his tongue. His hand was fondling every part of Wolfram's peen from top to bottom and every angle. Oh... oh.... he had so missed that thing. ;_;

And wow, Wolfram had really missed Murata tuching it ;_; And those lips against his own...he could hardly think straight to kiss him back, his own side of the kiss sloppy and broken by small gasps and his nails pressing against Murata's back.

Murata broke the kiss with Wolfram so that he could devour his neck and not have to worry about being a bad kisser. It also gave him more concentration points to give to his hand that was working with Wolfram's peen. He wasn't doing anything that would try to make Wolfram have a juice break, though. Just... enough to keep him aroused and besides... Murata really needed to take this in small steps or his brain might fizzle out.

Wolfram noticed the lack of an approaching juice break and began to pout, squirming around more and gently clawing at Murata's back. "Muraaaa..." He whined again. "Stop teasing.."

"I want to make it last..." Murata whined back against Wolfram's neck, nuzzling it with his nose. "Is that so bad?"

Wolfram was still pouting, even though he understood. "No..b-but...but you're being a tease." He was just being a brat, really.

"If I tung it, will you feel better?" Murata murmured, face still buried in Wolfram's neck. He did grip Wolfram's peen a little harder, though... to at least stop the teasing portion of his foreplay.

Wolfram twitched a little at the thought and slowly shook his head. He didn't want to say but it was still too early for that to not remind him of Murata and Yuuri...

"I see." Murata looked up at Wolfram and kissed the underside of his chin. He had been practically free to do what he wanted with Wolfram and it had been making him quite unsure. Now that he knew he had a limit, he felt so much better. "Then I'll just shower you with affection my own way." Another kiss.

"I just...anything but that..." Wolfram mumbled, his cheeks red and his eyes averted as if he had done something wrong.

It took Murata a little while to finally understand Wolfram's intentions.

That and 'anyhting but that' must have really meant 'ANYTHING but that' and Murata went back to kissing along Wolfram's jawline and murmuring a soft apology. His other hand made use of itself by running through Wolfram's hair, trying to calm him down... and at the same time arousing him with the first hand. Oh yes.

" 's okay.." Wolfram mumbled, squirming and moaning softly from the attentions to his peeeen. He began to move his hands along Murata's back, gently working on his muscles, just trying to make sure that he at least felt good too.

Wolfram didn't really have to TRY to make Murata feel good. If Wolfram was letting Murata molest him, Murata was ALREADY feeling quite wonderful. So Murata continued to fondle Wolfram's peen, swirling his thumb over the tip before taking the entire length in his grip, working it harder and harder each time. No more teasing for him. His kisses had moved up to reach just under Wolfram's ear and he nibbled on the earlobe.

Wolfram's eyes were half lidded and his breath had begun to grow labored and shaky sounding and his entire body shuddered when Murata neared his ear. He continued rubbing at Murata's back, pressing down harder and raking his nails across it every now and then.

Murata hadn't realized he was grinding himself against Wolfram, either.. but he was. He was so transfixed on Wolfram's peen and absorbing the gasps and shudders that he hadn't even realized his own need. He decided that it must not have mattered and he went back to suckling Wolfram's ear and whispering a barely audible "I love you" into it.

And then Wolfram melted and juice breaked at the same time. He had originally opened his mouth to return the sentiment but ended up choking on his words as the pleasure suddenly overtook him, his hips jerking forward and his body shuddering as he spilled his seeeed all over Murata's hand. As soon as his body finished shaking he reached up and tangled his fingers in the back of Murata's hair, pulling him forward roughly to mash their lips together.

Murata barely had time to celebrate that he had given Wolfram a juice break when he suddenly found himself in the middle of a very hot makeout session with the love of his life. <3333333333 He let go of Wolfram's peen and instead wrapped both arms tightly around Wolfram, tugging him closer as he devoured his husband's lips.... hungrily.

And Wolfram devoured Murata right back, the kiss not the least bit refined, tongues clashing and teeth clicking together once in a while while he tried to pull Murata closer to him, his legs tangling with his husband's.

Murata frowned upon the laws of physics. He was trying to mash himself so close to Wolfram that they would become one person, but he failed. Miserably. His hands ran all over Wolfram's body as if he couldn't keep himself still... which he really couldn't. He liked his hot makeout sessions with Wolfram and now he could actually DO it so he didn't hold back and instead gave Wolfram every ounce of love from every fiber of his being.

Wolfram finally pulled back after a nice long makeout session, a wide smile on his face, his chest heaving and hands shaking. "I..I missed you so s-so have no idea.."

"Oh,I think I have an idea." Murata sputtered out with a heavy high. A shaking hand brushed a few strands of hair out of Wolfram's eyes and he returned the smile. "I missed you just as much."

"I believe it." Wolfram laughed softly, leaning forward to press a light kiss to Murata's lips. "Now...I need to take care of you..." He glanced downward towards Murata's peen, a grin on his face.

Murata had pitched a mighty mighty tent and it looked like he was carrying three guns in his pocket... and he didn't even have a pocket. His eyes grew wide.

Wolfram snickered a little, trailing his hand down Murata's front...and sliding down a thigh instead of going straight for the peen. Though he just traced around randomly for the first few moments it didn't take him long to dive towards the Mura spot, pressing down on it just barely with his fingertips.

Murata half moaned half whined against Wolfram. His underwear and his pants and his tent were so incredibly annoying on him that he was going to kill something defenseless.. like Wolfram's shoulder. So he did. He bit down, not even realizing what he was doing.

"HEY OW!!!" Wolfram yelped, immediately retracting his hand and looking at Murata, confused and slightly annoyed. "What was that for???"

Murata pulled away, face white and mouth gaping. "I... I... I... I'm sorry j-just went down and..andand... and I-I'm sorry!" He couldn't form coherent words. Obviously. He also wanted to curl up in a ball and die because he hurt Wolfram.

"It's okay, it's okay..." Wolfram was grumbling slightly, though, because it had hurt D: He reached up to pet Murata's hair, sighing deeply.

"BUT I ALMOST KILLED YOU!" Murata spat out suddenly, curling over and hiding his peen.

Wolfram frowned slightly. "You didn't almost kill me. You just...surprised me..."

Wolfram looked down at his shoulder was bleeding just barely e_e "It's not serious.."

Murata crumbled into his fetal position some more. Wolfram was never going to do him now... and after he had worked so hard to get to this point! "What have I done...?"

Wolfram sighed, exasperated. "Mura.." He reached down to pet his his husband's back. "It's fine. Really. Watch, I'll go and get the salve from the dresser and put some on and it'll be good as new."

"I really didn't mean to..." Murata pouted. "Do you hate me?"

"No I don't hate you. I love you, okay? And a little love bite isn't going to change that..." Okay, so it wasn't exactly a love bite, but the wording made it sound better. Wolfram got up after a moment and headed over to the dresser, retrieving the salve and letting Murata watch as the little wound disappeared after just a second. "See? All better."

Murata came out of his shell just a little bit when Wolfram was all healed. "No more pain?"

"No more pain." Wolfram reassured him, sitting back down on the edge of the bed and wondering just why he was married to a child.

Because Murata was dumb. He pulled himself a little more out of his ball and reached a hand out for Wolfram to take, his eyes big and innocent and childlike.

Wolfram sighed deeply. There would be no more peen diddling tonight, it seemed. He wasn't one for pedophilia. He grasped Murata's hand with his own, petting it reassuringly.

Well that was fine. Murata was just going to have to finish himself off. He was far too hard to hold it in for the whole night... but on the other hand, he was too ashamed to have Wolfram finish Murata off after being bitten. So Murata squeezed Wolfram's hand back. "Let's... get some sleep?" Because apparently they didn't sleep enough already. Especially with the dream they'd just had.

"Are you sure?" Wolfram asked softly, scooting a bit closer. "I mean...I..I can still help you, if you want.." He was a good husband, damn it.

Murata shook his head. "No, I'm fine, I promise." He smiled and scooted up to situated himself under the covers. "You must be tired anyway, right?"

"I'm..a little drowsy, but it's nothing bad." Wolfram smiled slightly and settled in beside Murata, pressing up against his side.

Murata leaned his head in on Wolfram's, ignoring his tent. He would check it for leaks when Wolfram went to sleep. "You should get some sleep, then."

"What about you?" Wolfram murmured, already getting comfortable and feeling more drowsy because he was so warm <3

"Don't worry about it." Murata's voice was oddly soft. It didn't even sound nasaly like it always did. "I got so scared it harshed my boner." He laughed at his lie and the funny phrasing and planted a kiss on Wolfram's forehead. "Alright?"

Wolfram sighed in exasperation once again. "Really. Obviously you forget what I do all day. Swordfighting hello? I get cuts way worse than that all day."

"But not from me." Murata said, defending his stupidity and humility. "It's completely different if it's from me. But you're fine, now so it's okay. Sleep."

"If you don't recall...I've accidentally done worse to you." Wolfram was referring to the time when he bit Murata's peen. Yes, that was much worse e_e

Yeah... Wolfram also dug his nails in so deep it drew blood and loss control of his fire maryoku and scorched Murata's shoulderblades. But he wasn't going to mention those. "It's not the same. I deserved that." Because he HAD kicked Wolfram first.

"No you didn't. No one deserves that..." Wolfram paused for a moment. "Except maybe Shinou." Yes. Shinou needed his peen bitten.

"Shinou deserves a lot of things." Murata agreed whole heartedly. "But still... I'm happy that I'm able to be with you again and make you feel good... at least until ruined it." He frowned slightly but forced it away. He had made Wolfram juice break! What more could he ask for? He was glad the covers were pulled up high and he slid a hand like ninja underneath then, slowly stroking his own peen... just a little... just enough to make it shut up. He wouldn't go any further until Wolfram had stopped talking to him and gave in to his drowsiness.

Wolfram nodded a bit, scooting close and preventing Murata from any peen tuching by tangling their legs together. "You're going to nap with me, right?" He asked softly, looking up at his husband with big eyes.

Murata pretended not to break out in a sweat and hastily nodded, a smile on his face. "Of course I'm napping with you? Why else would I be cuddled here with you?"

"Just making sure you won't sneak off after I fall asleep." Wolfram smiled, showing that he was joking as he clung tighter.

Despite the fact that Wolfram was obviously joking, it still hurt and Murata grew quiet. "I'm... starting to get really tired, though. ... sleep?"

"Okay if you say so." Wolfram draped an arm over Murata's waist and nuzzled against his chest. "I love you." He mumbled, nuzzling his husband's collarbone.

Murata smiled softly, completely giving up on finishing himself off. He couldn't do it without moving Wolfram in the first place, and now he was too out of it to even think about it. So despite the pain, he was going to leave himself as is and regret it in the morning when his peen was an odd shade of blue. "I love you, too, Wolfram."

You know, Wolfram would totally take care of it if Murata wasn't a stubborn stupidface...or Murata could lie and say that he had to pee and Wolfram would let him go. Wolfram's smile widened and he pressed a kiss to the hollow of Murata's throat. "Good. Now goodnight. Or afternoon...whatever."

But Murata was a stubborn stupidface and wasn't going to do anything about it. He simply smiled and nodded and snuggled into Wolfram's clinging grip and closed his eyes.
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