Gwendal Von Voltaire (knittingismanly) wrote in maoulicious,
Gwendal Von Voltaire

Who: Yozak and Gwendal
When: :O umm... at some point XD
Summary: Gwendal starts being evil :D

Yozak knocked on the door to Gwendal's office, grinning at Yukito. "Ready to see Uncle Gwen again?" he asked the baby, who giggled.

Gwendal was, of course, knitting at his desk. However, this time the plushie he was working on had cute bat wings instead of angel ones. It was a clear sign of his evilness. "Come in." He stuffed his knitting back into his desk.

Yozak came in, rubbing Yukito's back. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

Gwendal frowned when he saw Yukito, but nodded his head to Yozak. "Yes." How was he supposed to talk about war with a cute thing in the room?

Yukito started whining, instinctively recognizing the mass of evil that was his uncle. "What's wrong with you?" Yozak asked, kissing his forehead. "It's Uncle Gwen." He put the baby in Gwen's lap.

Gwendal started to bounce the little thing on his leg, careful not to go to fast. "I must smell like Anissina. He's probably scared to death." Gwendal patted his head.

Yukito whimpered a little, but snuggled into him. It was sort of like his uncle...

Gwendal's fondness for cute things seemed to only be amplified by evil. "I need you to go check something out for me. I've gotten confirmed rumors of hostile activity on our western boarder... I need you to check out a rumor I've been hearing about a possible attack from Cavalcade’s boarder."

Yozak raised his eyebrows. "Cavalcade? I know the human country bordering it isn't one of our allies, but..."

"It's not actually from Cavalcade.. I've been hearing disturbing things about hostile troops sneaking into Cavalcade to mount an attack from there. We don't have any notable defenses there so it would be horrible if it turned out to be true. That and the fact that the other rumors turned out to be right means this has to be checked out thoroughly. If there is anything there, I know you'll find it."

He nodded. "Understood."

"Take your time. If someone so much as coughs oddly, I want to know about it." Gwendal gave Yukito a little tickle on the tummy, smiling down at him. Step one was almost complete.

"Yes sir."

Yukito laughed and grabbed his finger, chewing on it.

Gwendal allowed his finger to be eaten. After two little brothers he was used to being spitty. "I'm having a meeting with the others later today to tell them about our situation. I would suggest that if you do tell Conrad, you don't tell him in a way that will cause panic."

"Conrad has a level head, he won't tell. He'll worry, but he won't tell."

Yukito giggled. It tasted like his uncle too.

Gwendal lifted an eyebrow at Yukito's giggle. ".... Why do they always think it's when they chew on you?"

Yozak laughed and shrugged

Gwendal ruffled the fluff on top of Yukito's hair before picking him up and holding him out to Yozak.

Yukito clung to Gwendal, whining. He grabbed at his shirt. He liked the evil uncle! He tasted yummier

Gwendal gave up moving the little thing, rubbing his back instead.

Yozak laughed a little, moving over and giving the baby a kiss good bye. "You take care of your Daddy, okay?"

Yukito giggled and fell back against Gwendal's jacket, grinning.

"I'll take him back to Conrad later." Even evil Gwendal didn't want to think about it, but Yozak was probably going to go bang Conrad before he left. He didn't want his nephew around for that.

He smiled a little and saluted.

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