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Who: Mura and Wolf
When: NEVER!!! kdsfjsdlfjksdlf
Summary: Mura and Wolf are gay in a library.

Murata loved libraries. He never got to express his love for the land of books very much, either. In fact, the last time he was in a library was incredibly vague to him. According to everyone else, it had been the day he'd lost his memory all those months ago… which would totally explain the vague-ness of his memories. In either case, Murata was studying like good like Sage bookworm. Incidentally, he was reading about how awesome he used to be in the past. It made him feel better about his pathetic life as it was, now. … Read read read.

Wolfram had been looking for Murata in the very same library earlier and had failed…but after checking all the other obvious places, his search brought him back to the library, where he found his husband being a big nerd as usual. He walked over without saying a word and grabbed a random book, pulling out a chair and sitting across the table from Murata, pretending to read. He just wanted to see if the Sage would notice..

Murata didn't because he was gay. He turned a page and gasped. There was a vividly painted picture of himself doing something particularly awesome and he soon found himself standing, his face glowing. He used to be so COOL!

It took him some time, but he noticed a mass of blue in his line of sight and looked upward to see a certain husband of his looking like he was straining about something. "How long have you been there?" He sank down slowly, embarrassed for showing an emotion that wasn't sagely.

Wolfram closed his book loudly and set it on the table. "I'd have to say about fifteen minutes. But please, don't mind me."

Murata cringed, sensing hostility. He swallowed and looked down at his book. "Oh. I… was really into this. Look!" He pushed the book over to show Wolfram. "Proof that I'm not useless after all!" He was beaming. He looked so hardcore in that picture.

Wolfram sighed softly, looking down at the picture. "Yes yes, I know. You know I had to learn history..." ..but really, Murata had been hardcore, he had to admit that. He found him more attractive now, though...because he was smaller and gayer and Wolfram liked that.

Murata pretended Wolfram's nonexistent enthusiasm was in itself… nonexistent. He looked at the picture again and smiled, turning the page. "It makes me feel really nostalgic… and makes me feel like I should try to do something worthwhile again.. I don't know, maybe to get my reputation up again or something. It's really not comforting to feel useless." He was talking to the book as he spoke, focusing intently on the words. Like all history books, it was biased, but that was okay. It was all biased in Murata's favor, anyway.

"You don't have to do anything. You're the great Sage. You have a good reputation for eternity." Wolfram blinked a few times, tilting his head. "Besides, I don't think you're useless."

Murata cast his eyes away from the book and scanned the shelves blankly. He brought his attention back to Wolfram and forced a smile. "I think I am."

"Well that's because you're dumb and don't know what's good for you." Wolfram stated simply, leaning over to look at the book again. "Besides, you're way cuter now anyway."

Murata fake smiled turn genuine. "R… really? Big dorky glasses and all?" He was admiring how stern and serious his face had been... and how wonderfully sure the look in his eyes managed to command even Shinou at times. All those lives as a woman had weakened him.

Wolfram nodded, smiling a bit as he looked up from the book. "Big dorky glasses and all." He reached a hand up and flicked a strand of flippy hair to make it bounce. "So stop being upset?"

"Okay…" Murata slowly brought the book to a close and leaned his elbow on it, holding his chin in his hand. "So." He grinned. "Whatcha doin' in the library?"

"Looking for you, of course." Wolfram sat back in his seat, crossing his legs under the table. "You talked to Yuuri?"

"Oh… yeah…" Murata's smiled faded to form a more serious look that didn't quite rival his old expression as the Great Sage, but it was almost close. Almost. "I don't blame him for what happened and I think he's being incredibly harsh on himself. I guess he talked to you, then?"

"Yeah..we talked..and then he left. Went back to Earth...I don't blame him." Wolfram sighed, fiddling with the book in front of him.

"He went back to Earth?" Murata's eyes widened. He hadn't known that. He frowned, the stern look on his face becoming even more creepy. "I hope he finds what he's looking for."

"I assume he just needed some time to sort things out..without having to see us and be reminded every day, you know?" Wolfram sighed again, glancing down at the table.

"Probably." Murata glanced around the library. Now that he had a Wolfram in here, he didn't know what to do. Up until now he was content with shifting through his books like a loser, but now that his husband was here… well… Wolfram really didn't like books, so Murata was suddenly embarrassed for being in a library. He did, however, look down at the book Wolfram had been looking at earlier and his face lit up—something quite the opposite of Wolfram's own downcast look. "Oh my… Wolfram. Were you aware of what you were reading?"

Wolfram blinked a few times, looking down at the book. It was written in old Mazoku language, which he wasn't exactly proficient in, but he added minded at the time since he was just pretending to read. ""

Murata snickered and sighed. "I wonder where Gunter got this book? It looks as though it had gone through a lot just to survive…" He opened the book and read a few lines, his snickering becoming more and more frequent. "Yes.. Gunter definitely is the one that put this book in this library. Look." Murata pointed out a sentence and read it out loud. "My hips quivered the moment he took them in his hands and I soon lost myself to the touches of his calloused fingers." YAY Olde tyme Mazoku porn.

Wolfram's face turned very red..which was a little weird since he was such a whore. " sounds like those horrible novels that my mother reads.." He mumbled, shifting in his seat.

"But this is written in old Mazoku and something Gunter probably used to help… grant release." Murata closed the book, his eyes still laughing, at least. "I've seriously looked all over this library and I'm amused that I hadn't even noticed this book, yet."

"Eww, don't talk about..releasing and stuff and Gunter!" Wolfram kicked Murata lightly under the table, making a face. "That's just gross."

Murata ignored the pain from Wolfram's boot because… well, it was pretty miniscule. "RELEASING AND STUFF AND GUNTER!" He said loudly to Wolfram, leaning forward. Aw, he was immature. :D

Wolfram frowned and kicked him harder. "That's really really gross to think about so stop it!! Especially since he's..WITH my aniue..uugghhh.." Wolfram shuddered at the thought.

It didn't bother Murata at all, so that was why he was amused. Not to mention, he had to keep up his rep for being a conniving little dumbass anyway. He adjusted his glasses and moved his legs so that Wolfram would stop kicking him because his boots were really starting to hurt. "You shouldn't be grossed out at other people's happiness, you know."

"I'm not saying that he shouldn't be happy, I just...don't want to have to think about it." Wolfram wrinkled his nose. Sex was gross...except for theirs, which was magical and full of rainbows and kittens.

Murata only smiled and rested his chin on his hand again. He looked out the convenient window momentarily and there was a cliché shot of him with sunlight beams in all the right places and he looked surreal and all that. When that moment was over, he turned back to Wolfram with a smile. "You're cute when you wrinkle your nose like that."

Wolfram momentarily shut up to stare, a bit taken aback by how truly attractive Murata looked. Oh sure he always found him cute in a weird sort of way, but for that moment he had looked so mature and it made Wolfram's heart beat a little faster. He opened and closed his mouth a few times like a fish when Murata turned back to him before he got his bearings back. "Yeah're dumb!" ..or not so much.

Murata tilted his head back to laugh, his shoulders shaking with each short breath of air. "Oh Wolfram…" He sighed when he had settled down a little bit. His smile didn't fade, but instead grew fonder. "You've put me in an even better mood than before. Thank you." He took both of the books on the table and began to stand up to put them away.

Wolfram looked down at the tabletop, feeling embarrassed. When Murata walked by him towards the bookshelves he reached out and grabbed his wrist, mumbling softly. "You made my heart pound."

Murata's breath caught in his throat and he looked down at Wolfram. He had to grip the books tight so that they would not fall, and was strangely successful. What, with all the fighting and angst they had had to live through lately, it was refreshing to hear something like that come from Wolfram. It meant that Murata must still have… well, whatever it was that had drawn Wolfram to him in the first place. The manipulative part of his personality decided to come forth once more than afternoon as he tucked the books under his arm. "What makes you say that?"

"I don't know.." Wolfram was still mumbling, looking back down at the table, his cheeks redder. "You looked really...really..." He paused to swallow thickly. "Handsome."

Murata was unaware of this, mostly because he was so caught up in what he looked like in the past that any inkling of himself as he was now being 'handsome' had never manifested itself in his brain. Ever. He slid himself from Wolfram's grip and continued to put the books away in their proper place. His silence wasn't something he was proud of, but he was beaming on the inside—more than he knew how to show. After what seemed like an eternity, he smiled at the bookshelf, his back turned to his husband. He knew that if he denied anything, Wolfram would tell him he was wrong, so he accepted the compliment with everything he could. "Thank you."

Wolfram started tracing circles on the tabletop with his index finger, looking shy and small. "It' wasn't a thought I could control so there's no need.."

"No, Wolfram…" Murata turned around and stepped up behind his husband. His thin arms wrapped themselves around his husband's strong uniform-covered shoulders semi-awkwardly, but he didn't seem to mind at all. "That makes the compliment mean even more." He smiled against the side of Wolfram's head and gave him a little squeeze before standing up straight again.

Wolfram smiled a bit and nodded, turning to face Murata. "So what now, hm? You're done studying?"

"Something like that. I haven't seen you in a while, so now I'm giving you my full attention." He rocked backward on his heels, his hands behind his back. "You said you were looking for me, weren't you? Did you have something you needed to tell me?"

"...not in particular. I just wanted to see you." Wolfram was back to mumbling, now looking down at Murata's feet… and remembering when he licked them one time, which made him start to giggle softly.

Hearing Wolfram giggle was not only adorable but a little confusing considering Murata couldn't think of very many things for Wolfram to giggle at and he lost the euphoria he once held in regards to his self-esteem. Suddenly Murata was well-aware of every flaw in himself ever and soon began to shrink into his feeble, wimpy self. "O… oh…" He fidgeted, now, itching to grab a book and hide behind it.

Wolfram blinked a little at Murata's reaction...then realized that his husband probably had no clue what he was laughing at. "..I looked down at your feet just now..and I remembered that time when I licked your foot...and you freaked out." Wolfram started to giggle more.

Murata turned even more uke and this was coupled with a blush that spread all the way to his toes. "Why would you suddenly remember something like that!" He found the blushing of his toes a little too embarrassing to handle and he hid himself behind a bookshelf.

"Because I looked at your feet and..I don't know, I just did." Wolfram giggled more. "Hey, come back!" He was laughing as he stood and went to retrieve his husband from behind the bookshelf, wrapping his arms around Murata's waist.

Before Wolfram could get an effective hold around Murata, he slipped away and disappeared behind another shelf. "I don't talk to feet lickers!" He teased suddenly, losing all concept of maturity he had worked for all of two seconds to achieve.

"Oh really? Because that happened ages ago and you've certainly talked to me since.." Wolfram gave gay chase, trying to hook his husband around the waist again.

"Lies!" Murata was quite skilled in scampering away from the other, laughing gaily as he did so. Each time he would disappear around another bookshelf, he'd peek around the corner slowly to see if Wolfram was still chasing him. When his accusation was proven true, he'd skitter away further, weaving himself around the bookshelves in a futile attempt to thwart his husband.

Wolfram, however, was faster than Murata and after a few tries he managed to rope him, giggling as he tightened his arms around his captive's waist. "Caught you."

Oh, Murata knew he was defeated, but he had to struggle a little bit just for show. It wasn't for long, though, and he let himself relax in Wolfram's arms, settling comfortably inside them with the fakest frown in the world slapped across his face. "Just my luck. I've been captured by a feetlicker."

"Oh poor baby. What will you do now?" Wolfram mused, making sure to keep his hold tight so that Murata couldn't slither out of it and run off again.

"Make sure my feet stay on the ground for one thing." Murata turned his head to give Wolfram a cheeky grin. He was breathing hard from running and made a mental note to attempt to get into better shape.

"I could just lean down and lick them if I wanted, you know." Wolfram snickered, nuzzling against Murata's shoulder lightly.

"Then I'll be sure to keep them in my shoes." Murata retaliated defiantly. He exhaled slowly and finished turning so that he could comfortably hold Wolfram back. "And if I held onto you like this, it would prove difficult for you to lean down to get to them in the first place."

"I holding me is a strategy that works to your advantage that you can hide under the guise of a romantic gesture. Sneaky." Wolfram snickered softly against Murata's ear.

"Something like that." Murata's voice came out significantly softer and lower and his arms wrapped tighter around Wolfram. He hadn't really expected to get himself into such a compromising position like this here in the library, but it he didn't mind much at all. He didn't get to hold Wolfram like this lately, so he was clinging to the moment.

Wolfram wasn't groping or anything either. He really was just holding Murata, nuzzling his nose against the side of Murata's neck and closing his eyes. "Hey Mura?" He mumbled, just enjoying their little nook in the library. "...what are you thinking about?" ..apparently he was the maou.

The question had caught Murata off-guard because he wasn't used to being married to a woman. He ended up answering it truthfully, however, which may not have been what Wolfram wanted. "Your hair smells nice." He blurted it out without a second thought.

Wolfram snorted a bit, looking up at his husband, amused. "Well something has to be said for honesty...and it does smell nice, doesn't it? I started using lavendar-scented shampoo." As for Murata, he used crap for all Wolfram knew.

Yes. Murata did wash his hair with feces. How did Wolfram know? "I see." Murata smiled into Wolfram's hair, huffing it and getting high.

"It's intoxicating, isn't it?" Wolfram mumbled, nuzzling back against the side of Murata's neck. "You should bathe with me sometime and I might be nice enough to share.."

Not that, you know, the two of them didn't ALWAYS bathe together or anything. "Mmm." Murata's vocabulary at the moment was astounding, but he had an excuse. He was high.

"Hey.." Wolfram finally spoke up after a moment, reaching up to poke Murata's nose. "No falling asleep in here."

Murata snapped out of his trance and dropped his jaw. "I.. I wasn't falling asleep!" He protested and showed his naturally and obviously hostile nature by making a snap at the finger on his nose.

Oh yes. Murata was savage. Definitely. Wolfram pulled his finger back and snickered a little, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "You're dumb."

Murata melted like the pile of muragoo that he was and didn't even bother to wipe the flustered lazy grin of love off his face. He looked dumb, he knew it, but… Wolfram… <3 "Yeah…" His arms tightened around Wolfram's waist a little, showing his sudden possessiveness.

Wolfram's smile widened and he willingly pressed himself closer, reaching one hand up to snatch Murata's glasses off of his face. Murata was cute with them on, but he was handsome with them off. "I'm confiscating these."

"For being dumb?" Murata pouted and put himself on the defensive. "You're a mean and horribly abusive husband, I want you to know this."

"Mmhm. I know. I'm cruel." Wolfram tucked the glasses into his back pocket then reached up a hand to run through Murata's hair, just continuously stroking his fingers through while he studied his husband's face sans glasses.

Murata probably had those really annoying creases in his nose from continued glasses use, making his eyes seem smaller now that the glasses had come off. He blinked a few times, letting his eyes readjust and frowned because now Wolfram wasn't in the same beautiful detail. He was… a blob of detail that still looked pretty darn attractive. He wondered briefly if he should kiss him, and made the mistake of shifting his eyesight down to Wolfram's lips.

Except Murata had f-in huge eyes because everyone in KKM it really didn't matter. F. Wolfram smiled a little when he noticed Murata's gaze flit down and he chewed on his bottom lip coyly, moving his hand to stroke closer to Murata's ear.

Oh. So Wolfram was deliberately seducing him, now? Murata wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. Oh no. He wasn't done being playful. He suddenly changed his poise entirely, pulling his eyes from Wolfram's lips. "In that case, I'm going to go and emo in a corner, okay? Since I'm obviously dumb and hurt by your cruelty." He grinned and let go of Wolfram's waist, letting himself drift toward a corner.

Wolfram frowned a bit at that. Murata hadn't kissed him D: Was he not appealing anymore or something?, that couldn't have been it... He followed Murata over to the corner, rewrapping his arms around his husband's waist. "Oh come on.." He purred softly.

Murata was being playful still! He shook his head. It was easier to do now that he didn't have glasses on as they didn't fly off into the abyss. "You hate me and want me to die." He grinned inwardly. Wolfram was giving him attentions. <3 Not that he never did anyway, but still.

"Sometimes." Wolfram snickered softly, refusing to let go of Murata's waist, just hanging there and grinning. "But right now I just want you to kiss me."

"If I kiss you…" Murata began, letting his hands rest on top of Wolfram's. "What's in it for me?" A million things, really, but he wanted to hear Wolfram say it.

Wolfram lifted an eyebrow. "Well...for one thing it would make me happy if you would...and as my husband you should want for me to be happy."

That was such a Wolfram response. Murata sighed and faced his husband directly. The inklings of a smirk gave way to a small smile. "Well… I suppose you /DID/ catch me…" His eyes seemed to dance more now that they were freed from the confines of glasses and he tugged his husband close for a mura-worthy kiss.

Aww, Wolfram was worthy <3 He couldn't help but smile a bit wider, which kind of got in the way of the kiss at first, causing him to laugh softly before fixing it and leaning in again for a full kiss. When he pulled back he was smiling again, one hand sliding to find Murata's and hold it. "See? It's that easy."

Murata gave Wolfram's hand a squeeze. "Oh, I don't know… did you see me struggling?" The problem with Murata kissing Wolfram was that once he started, it was almost impossible to get him to stop. Suddenly everything Wolfram did was so alluring that it needed to be rewarded with a kiss or two or five.

"Oh yeah, I noticed that it was really hard for you to force yourself to do." Wolfram stated sarcastically, twining their fingers together. "You poor thing."

Murata pouted to emphasis his patheticness, but managed to bring his forehead down to rest on Wolfram's. The pouted immediately changed to a smile without his knowledge. His voice lowered to a murmur, "Can I give you another one?"

Wolfram unknowingly darted his tongue out to wet his lips, still smiling. "I suppose you could..if you really want to.." He gave Murata's hand a squeeze, not really thinking about the fact that anyone could walk up and see them being really gay.

Murata had cleverly led them between remote bookshelves in the library. The only person that every inhabited the library anyway was Gunter and he was too busy being peened by evil!Gwendal. But who could blame them for being gay? They were married. They were allowed to be gay. To seal this deal, Murata slowly began to close the gap between them until the gap had disappeared entirely.

Wolfram assumed that the whole gap thing meant that he was getting kissed again, which was good because he liked that <3 Every now and then he would crack one eye open and giggle softly, effectively ruining the kiss for a moment but he couldn't help it. was just so nice to be able to feel like this even though they were married and things were supposed to be boring.

The internet would also like to point out that they hadn't been together for three years, yet, so they were still allowed to have passionate love. So, Murata continued to kiss his giggling husband, breaking the hold they hand on each other's hands only so that he could effectively wrap his arms around Wolfram's waist to pull him even closer. He was trying to deepen the kiss so that his husband would stop giggling… mostly because it was making Murata have to try HIS hardest not to laugh. He contemplated stepping on Wolfram's foot for all of a millisecond.

Wolfram finally stopped giggling like a stupid girl when the kiss deepened, getting more caught up in the meeting of lips rather than the gayness of the situation. He tangled the fingers of his newly-free hand in the back of Murata's hair, trying to ensure that the Sage wouldn't try to stop and run off anytime soon, the arm around his waist tightening as well....and he vaguely wondered if they would still have random library makeout sessions in three years...

Murata wasn't a very good judge of the future, but if three years had gone by and they hadn't had Liesel yet, then yes. They would still have random makeout sessions in the library. Liesel would just mean that they'd have to give up their passionate love and replace it with the fatherly love for their child. Or something. Murata chastised his brain for thinking about these kinds of things while he was supposed to be having a frivolous makeout session in the library. To make up for this weird train of thought, Murata shoved Wolfram against a bookshelf, more or less just to emphasize the fact that "I AM MAKING OUT WITH YOU."

Wolfram gasped softly when he felt his back hit the bookshelf, his fingers tightening in Murata's hair. Wow. He had needed a good makeout. It was nice <3 The hand on Murata's waist agreed, slowly creeping it's way up under the back of the sage's shirt...unfortunately, Wolfram's fingers were cold, so that wasn't very cool.

Cold fingers made for a yelping Murata and he unfortunately had to break the kiss and do a little dance to show his discomfort for chilled fingers. "Wolfraaaaaam." Whine whine whine complain bitch crab.

Wolfram didn't notice his fingers were cold until they made contact with Murata's skin, but he still frowned a bit when Murata leapt back like that. What a baby D: "Okay okay fine I won't do that again." He mumbled, leaning forward to try and start the kiss up again.

A satisfied look flashed across Murata's face and he went back to cuddling with Wolfram again. The kiss didn't go back to the intensity it had been at before. Instead, it was much lighter and Murata's hands just barely hovered over Wolfram's hips. He pulled back after a moment, smiling. "Can I have my glasses back?"

Wolfram was frowning slightly. Damn his cold fingers D: They had ruined his life. "No. You can't." He hmphed, crossing his arms over his chest.

Murata wiggled in his spot and pouted. "Wolfraaaaam." He whined again and tried to reach around his husband, feeling his butt for the glasses that had been placed in his back pocket.

Wolfram batted at Murata's hands, taking a few steps back. "No. I don't feel like giving them back." He was just being bitchy because his hot makeout had gotten cut short.

"But…" Murata protested. "I can't see your beautiful face. If I can't see your face, then all I see is a blob. It's hard to make out with a blob." He gave a weak smile. … Wolfram would totally not fall for something as dumb as that.

Wolfram's frown deepened. "You're lying. You want your glasses back so you can go about ignoring and not making out with me." Because those were on the same level.

"Depends." Murata put his hands on his hips. "If I make out with you, will you try to put your cold hands on my back again?" He really was a wuss.

Wolfram rolled his eyes and lifted his hands, rubbing them together to create friction, therefore warming them a bit. "Can I touch you now?"

Murata reached out to hold onto Wolfram's hands in order to test them. After he deemed them warm enough to molest him, he nodded. "Permission granted. Can I have my glasses back, now?"

"No. Because as long as I have them, you have to stay with me." Wolfram mumbled, wrapping his arms back around Murata's waist and pouting like the brat he was.

"Wolfram, I…" Murata sighed and held Wolfram to him, one hand reaching up to brush aside his husband's hair. "I'm not going to go anywhere, okay?" He offered a real smile. "You shouldn't have to have a hostage just to keep me around."

Wolfram was still pouting, though not as much. "Yeah but it helps..I mean really, with all these books around you could easily get distracted and then I'd have to wait until tonight to try and seduce you and even then you might have a book with you and I'd have no chance." Wolfram said this all in one breath.

"Then take me somewhere where I won't get as distracted." Murata said it as if it were the most simple answer in the world.

"You'll get distracted anywhere if you don't want me." Wolfram stated just as plainly.

"You think I don't want you?"

"I dunno.." Wolfram mumbled, looking down at his feet sadly and gayly.

Murata frowned and took a hold of Wolfram's chin, forcing his husband to look him in the eye. Even though Murata saw a blob of Wolfgoo, he could still gather all the emotions in there, anyway. "Why do you think I don't want you?"

"It seems like forever since you even kissed me...I mean more than a goodnight kiss.." ..of course the make out didn't count.

Did Murata really have to point out that he and Wolfram were still recovering from Murata being a dumbass? He sighed and made a face. "You think I'm denying you again, don't you?"

"I're scared. Scared that if you do anything, I might freak out and hate you or something because I'll think back to..that." Wolfram sighed deeply, still looking at his feet.

"Well… there IS that." Murata said quietly. He tilted his head. "But… but I'm getting there, right? I'll still kiss you.. like.. like now." He fidgeted until he forced himself to stop and pulled Wolfram close to him in a tight hug, his arms wrapping protectively around his husband's shoulders. "Listen, Wolfram. Just because I'm scared of how you may react, doesn't mean that I don't want to kiss you. So long as you asked me to do it like you had before… I'll be okay. Then I know it's okay to kiss you again. … okay?"

Wolfram nodded a little, understanding the situation a bit better. " as long as I ask you to do it, you'll do it, right?"

"Unless I feel like hating you." Murata said with a little grin. He gave Wolfram another reassuring squeeze before loosening his grip so he could look Wolfram in the eye. "I'm really bad at reading minds, you know."

"...but at least you're smart." Wolfram murmured, looking and Murata's lips and hoping that his husband would get the hint.

Nope! Murata was going to be persistent and refrain from kissing Wolfram until Wolfram formally asked again. "Only book smart."

Wolfram frowned a bit. "I've been noticing that more and more these days..." He tried staring at Murata's lips for a few more moments before he finally crumbled. "Kiss me, you moron."

Murata grinned from ear to ear, glad that he had won. "As you wish." He said all Princess-Bride-like and leaned in, granting Wolfram his mura-kiss. He made sure it was a nice one, too, with all the right amounts of pressure and everything.

Aww, that wiped the frown right off of Wolfram's face <3 When the kiss ended he just stared endlessly into Murata's eyes, almost like they were standing outside and watching a sunset together or something. Wolfram dreamed too much..

Murata's eyes darted back and forth between Wolfram's for a moment. And then, even though Wolfram hadn't asked, he leaned in again for another kiss. This one lasted a lot longer.

Hee <3 That made Wolfram smile even more. He reached a hand up to cup Murata's cheek lightly, just running his fingertips along it even after the kiss ended. "'s nice to be able to do this again.." He mumbled softly.

Murata agreed with a nod of his head. He hugged Wolfram tight again and turned his head to look down the narrow corridor the bookshelves made. "We should probably stop making out in the library and do something productive…" His voice trailed off as if his mind suddenly became preoccupied and he turned back to Wolfram with a smile. "Right?"

Wolfram pouted and sighed softly. "I guess...though I don't really know what you expect us to do... I don't feel like reading books." Did he ever feel like reading them?

"We'll figure something out. Come on." He took a hold of Wolfram's hand and gave it a squeeze. "It's too stuffy in this library anyway, right?"

"Yeah. And it smells..old." Wolfram wrinkled his nose a bit, holding onto Murata's hand tightly. "What do you suggest we do, geika?" He was grinning slightly.

"Let's just go back to the room and talk." Murata said it in a true I'm-gonna-read-a-book-instead-of-sex-you manner. "I feel like we're always just missing each other, so I wanna get the chance to sit down with you as a family and just... I don't know… visit. Is that okay?"

Wolfram blinked a few times. It was a weird request...but Murata was his husband and he owed it to him. "O..kay.."

Murata gave Wolfram a million-dollar smile and leaned against his shoulder gayly before tugging him for the library exit. "Thank you! I promise I'll give out kisses, too, okay? I don't want you to be completely bored." He teased a little, but his intentions were genuine.

Wolfram smiled slightly and nodded. They needed to bond outside of sex anyway. least a little.
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