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[Rpg LOG]

Who: Gwendal and Greta, Conrad, Yozak and Yukito
When: When Conrad and Gwendal get back from the battle
What: PG (maybe 13 for Conrad and Yozak making out)
Why: Because we need to wake up!

Yozak and Greta were waiting in the courtyard as the soldiers came in. Yukito was squriming in Yozak's arms, laughing.

Gwendal rode next to Conrad, fidgeting with the reigns slightly. He wasn't exactly looking forward to coming back to the castle. Gunter was going to fuss over him and Giesela would probably maul him if she found out about the gash in his side. Hopefully no one would touch him there.

Conrad grinned when he saw Yozak and Greta and Yukito waiting for them. "We have a welcoming party," he said before jumping down off the horse.

Gwendal hesitated before dismounting carefully. He hadn't exactly seen Greta since the whole becoming evil thing. At least not that Nicole remembered anyway.

Conrad ran over to Yozak, kissing him and Yukito. Meanwhile, Greta ran over to Gwendal and gave him a big hug around the middle.

Gwendal was glad Greta was too short to reach his wound. He bent down and picked Greta up so she could sit on her usual spot on his arm with her arms around his neck.

She hugged his neck and kissed his cheek. "Gwen, I missed you so much!"

Gwendal's cheeks colored slightly and he gave her a small smile. "I missed you too." He did his best to ignore Conrad and Yozak making out.

Conrad and Yozak were making their way towards the castle and ultimately their bedroom. Greta smiled and hugged Gwen's neck again. "I have seen you in so long!"

Gwendal bounced Greta a little on his arm before ruffling Greta's hair with his free hand. "I've been very busy."

She giggled. "I know." She hugged him again. "There's some food in your room."

"Mm, that sounds good." Gwendal began to make his way into the castle, planning on taking a nice long bath after he ate with Greta.

She smiled. "It is good! I helped the cook make it

"I'm sure I'll like it then." Even if it tasted like dirt Gwendal would still eat it and like it.

That's because Gwen's putty in Greta's hand, even if she doesn't know it... yet. She smiled. "It's your favorite."

Oh, he knew it. "That's very thoughtful of you." Gwendal glanced over at Greta, a little worried that she might have sensed the evil somehow... it seemed like he was in the clear though.

She smiled and kissed his cheek again as they got to his room. She hopped down. "I'll let you alone if you want to..."

Gwendal felt compelled to reach down and pat her head. ".. Well, I do need to take a bath.... maybe later we could work on your knitting?" That was, of course, if he hadn't pounced Gunter yet.

She smiled and nodded. "Yozak said you would want some time alone." She hugged him again. "Love you Gwen."

Gah! The cute! Gwendal knelt down to return the little cute thing's hug. "I love you too." So much for the evil badass he was earlier in the day.

Greta 1, Evil 0. She smiled and kissed her uncle before skipping off down the hall.

Gwendal retreated into his room to eat whatever goodies had been left for him.
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