Nicole (logical_pervert) wrote in maoulicious,

Who: Gwendal and Shinou
When: Earlier today
What: R for tourettes and hand gestures
Summary: Shinou gets molested. :D

Gwendal for some unthought out reason needed a book from Shinou Temple. So he was there, walking the halls in search for the library.

Shinou for some unthought out reason was walking the halls of his Temp-le being quite broody. That thing he liked to do was gone and that made Shinou walk around like he had crabs.

Gwendal lifted an eyebrow when he noticed Shinou walking down the same hall. What a convenient coincidence. He made sure to look around the floor of the hall for any strings that may be waiting for him.

Shinou didn't see Gwendal. It was odd. It wasn't normal. He was so caught up in all the feminism and womanliness that had rubbed off of him from the Maou that he was lost in his thoughts and mistook Gwendal for another boring priestess. ... cos Gwendal had huge breasts and all that.

Gwendal's eyes narrowed when he noticed that Shinou wasn't paying him any mind. He didn't like it when the person he was at war with ignored him so when he passed Shinou he decided to do a very un-Gwendal thing. He grabbed a handful of Shinou's ass and squeezed before continuing on his way. He blamed it on being evil.

Shinou was so caught up in his thoughts that he first thought one of the women had copped a feel and he spun around, ready to grab a wrist and start raping, but then... then he noticed that it was a Gwend-le. AND he was walking away. Shinou nearly exploded with stink. "One of these days.. I'm going to rip his [insert tourettes here] EYE OUT."

Gwendal didn't even turn his head as he walked, choosing to flick Shinou off over his shoulder rather than bothering with turning.

Shinou stank up the hole hallway and instead of doing something logical like going after Gwendal, he just said, "YEAH WELL YOUR MOM."

Gwendal chucked a bit to his evil self before heading into the library and away from the stink.

Shinou went to drown his sorrows in baby.

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