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Maoulicious: Another cracked-out Kyou Kara Maou RP
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I have no idea how you got here, but welcome to maoulicious, a Kyou Kara Maou Livejournal RP formed by a group of people who...well...just wanted to be in a KKM RP. Do you also want to be in a KKM RP? Awesome! You should apply or something!

So, what is the plot, exactly? Well, staying true to Kyou Kara Maou's random, humorous roots, we've decided to let this RP run on it's own (meaning that players are responsible for their own plots) with the occassional random events thrown in when things are slow, the events being suggested by players and approved by the moderators. In addition to random proposed events, this rp will contain crack!events which will allow the members to explore various insane events without any consequence on the real rp. Crack!events will be either explained as a dream/nightmare (possibly sent by Shinou for sport) and referenced to in the actual rp, or they can just be a random rp log for fun. Members are not required to participate in crack!events as they are just for fun. Examples: Want to explore what your character would do if he/she was pregnant? You've got it. Switch bodies with another character? Sure. Have a ham sandwich for a head? Awesome. Crack!events will only happen when the rp is either very depressing or very slow.

Now, onto the other stuff. This RP will take place in Shin Makoku, unless trips to Earth are agreed upon by players. I'd also like to ask everyone to suspend your disbelief. Yes. I know they don't have computers in Shin Makoku. I don't need to be told about it. Just...come on. For the sake of having fun.

Also, this RP is taking place before the end of the series, considering the moderators are watching the fansubs (which come out so slowly! T_T ). This means that, even if you haven't seen all of KKM, you can still join, provided that you've seen enough to know a fair amount about your character.

Email Address:
AIM Screen Name(s):
Character You're Applying For:

Speaking of, here are the taken characters. Any character that isn't listed here is open:

Yuri/The Maou- carefree_king
Wolfram- yuri_is_mine
Gunter- maoh_addict
Gwendal- knittingismanly
Conrad- maou_sitter
Yozak- hero_in_a_skirt
Muraken- muraken
Shinou- original_maou
Morgif- maou_weapon
Greta- human_princess
Shouri- brothercomplex
Giesela- mazoku_doctor
Celi- sexyqueenceli
Hube- secondchanceman

One last thing, posting rules. Personally, I think it would be nice if each character posted at least once a week, meaning every seven days. I understand that people have lives. Really. I kind of have one too sometimes, but once every week isn't hard.

Also, it is necessary for every player to have some kind of instant messenger, preferably AIM, as instant messenger is where the actual RPing will take place. Players are expected to contact eachother via IM to conduct RP sessions, THEN have their characters write about what has taken place in their journals. Make sense? Posting RP logs in maoulicious is desired, but I understand that sometimes people forget to save. Either way, post logs when possible. Other players like to know what is going on!

Have fun! :D