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Who: Yuuri and Wolfram
What: PG
Summary: Yuuri is sad and emo over being evil and apologizes to Wolfram, or tries to. Dead birds are also involved.

Wolfram sighed, wandering through the many bookshelves in the massive castle library, searching every nook and cranny for his husband. It wasn't rare to find Murata crammed into some corner with a book under his nose, but it was starting to seem like this time the Sage had found some other dumb thing to occupy his time. Sigh sigh.

Yuuri was hunting Wolframs. He had already tried Wolfram's room, the central courtyard where everyone always was and he had even asked Gunter, which had just made him slightly damp from the tears. He was getting desperate as he headed into the library. "Wolfram?" He called softly, not wanting to bother anyone else in here.

Wolfram had just been preparing to leave when, lucky him, Yuuri strolled in. Wolfram's eye twitched. He had been purposefully avoiding the other boy since the whole evil!Yuuri incident. " got me." He mumbled, wondering how he was going to handle this.

Yuuri couldn't look at Wolfram, so he looked at the stacks of books. He noticed one on the floor and wondered where it had come from. He seemed to remember something about it...and...Conrad?

Realizing he was getting distracted, he looked back at Wolfram. "Murata wanted me to, uh, ask you something."

Wolfram looked down at his feet, nudging the ground with the toe of his boot. "Oh? What would that be?"

"Um. Murata wanted to know if it was okay if me and him were still friends." Yuuri said.

Wolfram looked up, looking pissed off for a moment, even though he knew that he shouldn't be. "It depends what you consider friends to be."

Yuuri blinked at him, and then looked even more miserable. "You know I don't like Ken like that, Wolf. I never would've..."

"Are you sure you don't? Absolutely positively sure that somewhere deep down inside of you you don't harbor ANYTHING like that??" Wolfram sounded accusing because, well, he was.

Yuuri paused, because he was really dumb and honest. "I don't know. I never even thought about it before this whole evil thing. I wouldn't ever do anything, he loves you...anything I feel for him pales next to what you feel for him and what he feels for you." Aw. Yuuri made a speech.

Wolfram just glared and crossed his arms over his chest. He was a scorned wife. "So you DO want to steal my husband from me."

"No! I told you, I don't. Besides, I like you way more than Murata!"

...Okay, so...that probably didn't help.

Wolfram just hmphed, seemingly ignoring Yuuri's arguments. "It would only make sense, though. I mean, I left you for him. What better way to get back at me?" Wolfram was giving Yuuri far too much credit. He wasn't that smart.

Or that mean! "I don't want to hurt you or Murata! You're my best friends..." Only apparently one of them hated him...

"If you don't want me to be around Murata anymore, I won't."

Wolfram leaned against the nearest bookshelf, looking annoyed. "It's not that easy and you know it."

"Well, I don't know what else to do make this right!"

"Well I don't know either. Murata and I, I think, have finally righted things on our end. I..I don't want anything to mess it up again. It was hard enough this time." Wolfram mumbled, picking imaginary lint off of his coat.

"Maybe...maybe I should go...back to Earth for a little while."
Wolfram looked down at his feet again, pouting. He didn't want Yuuri to go, really. He just wanted things to be like they were before..but he couldn't help being angry. "I don't know.."

"No, no, it'll be...for the best. I can eat some curry and you and Murata can...have some time." He forced a smile. "Its not like I won't be back..."
Wolfram nodded a little, his voice small. "You know..I know it wasn't really your fault...."

Yuuri looked down. "I...yeah. I mean, thanks." He didn't know what to say. He kept trying to tell himself that. So far, no luck.

Wolfram nodded a bit, reaching out to place a reassuring hand on Yuuri's shoulder. He was trying!

Yuuri sighed. "Do you think things will ever be normal again?"

"I hope so." Wolfram sighed deeply, giving Yuuri's shoulder a squeeze.

Yuuri grinned a little bit and hugged Wolfram spontaneously. "I love you Wolf. No matter what."

Wolfram couldn't help but smile a little, feeling like he had gotten his friend back. He wrapped his arms around Yuuri for a moment, allowing his weakness to shine through. "I love you too..."

Yuuri sparkled and the room was filled with light and gay and rainbows and unicorns. Slowly Yuuri pulled back. "So. Uh." He grinned mischeviously. "Snce you're my friend, you can tell Gunter I'm leaving."

"..." Wolfram felt the need to punch Yuuri in the face. "You wish I was that nice."

Yuuri did. "Okay, okay. Well, I'll go tell him then and pack..and you and Murata something nice together. Just the two of you." Like anal sex, for instance.

"Yeah we'll..try that. Things usually progress to a point and then it gets" Wolfram was blaming Yuuri for ruining his sex life.

Yuuri nodded and squeezed his shoulder. " takes time."
Wolfram frowned a bit. Like Yuuri would know. "I guess."

Yuuri didn't know, but he was a big believer everything would work out. Because he was dumb and happy like that. "I guess I'll go tell Gunter." More crying.

"Good luck with that." Wolfram shuddered a bit at the thought of Gunter's reaction. "Hey, you haven't seen Murata recently, have you? I've been looking for him.."

"No." Yuuri shook his head very quickly, not wanting Wolfram to think...well, anything. "Not recently."

"Damn." Wolfram mumbled, frowning. "Then I guess I'll continue looking. I'll..see you when you get back?"

"Yeah. Yeah, first thing." Yuuri hugged him again, then tried to run off--only he slipped on the book on the floor because he was looking over his shoulder at Wolfram.

That was just karmic.

Wolfram sighed and shook his head, a small smile on his face. "You're such a wimp.." He held his hand out to help Yuuri up.

Dead birds flew in the window and died.

Yuuri stared at him, not taking his hand. "You called me wimp..."

"Well yeah. You are a wimp, that's why." Wolfram kept his hand extended, just waiting for Yuuri to take it.

Yuuri took it and pulled himself up, wiping away a few stray tears. "Uh. Thanks, Wolf."

Wolfram blinked. "Are you crying? Wow, you really are a wimp." He laughed softly, barely resisting the urge to put Yuuri in a headlock just because.

Aww...old-fashioned Wolfram abuse. The thought made Yuuri shed a few more tears. "Sorry, Wolf." He said, grinning dumbly.

...okay, he couldn't help it. After a moment of silence Wolfram grabbed Yuuri forcefully, putting him in a headlock and ruffling his hair. It just..made everything seem like it was right.

Yuuri melted under it. Apparently, he and the Maou shared a few things in common after all. They both liked bundt cake and abuse, at least. He fought back, but only out of habit.

Wolfram released Yuuri after a moment, seeming much happier now that that urge had been relieved. "I'll miss you, wimp."

"I'll miss you too. But it won't be that long...and...everything." It would be weird being home without Murata.

"Yeah but...things get weird around here without you...and it's not the same putting Murata in a headlock, you know." Wolfram chuckled softly.

Yuuri laughed. "I know...but...y'know, everyones kind of...weird around me. Lately."

"Well you can't blame did some pretty bad stuff..." Wolfram reached up to rub the back of his head where he had been hit.

"I know." Yuuri looked down. "I...can't sleep." He whispered. "I keep thinking about Murata..."

Wolfram's eye twitched. " remember what happened? were aware?"

"Yeah, it was horrible. Worse than when the Maou takes over because at leas then I don't know what's happening."

"I see.." Wolfram looked down at his feet. That must have been awful for Yuuri, and it made him feel a little guilty. "I'm..I'm sorry for being mean to you earlier..." He mumbled, not liking having to apologize.

"Its okay." Yuuri wouldn't know what to if Wolfram was nice anyway, really. "I know you didn't mean it."

"Okay...well..I'll stop holding you up and let you get going now." Wolfram took a step back, allowing Yuuri to leave.

Yuuri retreated, this time not tripping over anything--Shinou hadn't been in the library recently, so there were no conveniently placed strings.
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