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Who: Murata and Wolfram
What: NC-17 for hott sexxxinz
Summary: Uh...hott sexxxinz. And they talk about getting married XD

When they reached their shared bedroom, on Murata's suggestion, Wolfram kicked his boots off at the door and flopped onto the bed, lying on his side with his head propped on his arm. "So...what did you want to talk about?"

"I hadn't thought much about it, but..." Murata carefully removed his shoes and sprawled out on the bed on his back. "I was wondering.. actually... about the date for our marriage." He was staring intently at their ceiling.

Wolfram immediately crawled up to Murata's side, making himself comfortable against him. "...that's a good thing to wonder about." He sighed softly. "It can't be before Yuuri comes back, obviously.."

"That's true." Murata shifted so his arm was underneathe Wolfram. It was much easier to cuddle him like this. <3 "It's been so long... I wonder if it will happen at all.. and I really wanted to rip you out of your wedding dress." He grinned.

Wolfram sighed again, looking sad as he snuggled up close. "I really wanted that've never even seen me in it."

Murata wanted to suggest that Wolfram wear it at some point anyway.. and they could live that night for fun... but it just wouldn't have the same feeling. T___T "I know..." His voice trailed off. "You would look so stunning in it... I wonder if I would survive the wedding, you know?"

"Survive?" Wolfram laughed softly. "What, you think you'd die on the altar or something? I'm sure you'd be fine..." Talking about it was making him want it more ;_;

"I was thinking more about blood loss... or possibly fainting." He gave Wolfram a teasing squeeze. Really... seeing Wolfram in his wedding dress would probably either make Murata have a three-foot erection or kill him. One or the other.

Wolfram laughed a bit more. "I think I'd have to kill you myself if you fainted at our wedding." He lifted a hand up to toy with Murata's hair gayly, flicking the flippy ends. "I'm sure it would be fine."

"I'll try my hardest then." Lol. Hard. Murata crossed his eyes when Wolfram flicked his hair and then reached up to take a hold of that hand. He brought it down to his lips to plant a tiny kiss to the back of his palm before pulling it away. There was no reason for that. He just did it.

But the pointless little gesture caused Wolfram to smile hugely, so there was a point afterall <3 He nuzzled closer to Murata, draping an arm over his husband's waist. "Maybe..maybe the ceremony could just be family and close friends.."

"Anything so I could finally see you in that dress and be seen as your real husband to the state." He smiled and clung tightly to Wolfram, now beginning to press little kisses to the top of his head and forehead. ... when the hell did he start getting playful?

Wolfram managed to smile wider. Sure he had originally wanted a huge wedding but a smaller one would be much easier and..if it made Murata happy then it was worth it. And obviously it made Murata happy, because he was being adorable <3 As if to pay him back, Wolfram snuck a kiss to his chin, his arm tightening around Murata's waist. "So we'll do that then. It'll be much easier. In fact..we could probably do it in a matter of days."

Murata's eyes widened and he pulled back to sparkle gayly at Wolfram. "REALLY?!" He launched himself forward to give Wolfram a giant hug. And by hug, he really ended up pinning Wolfram to the bed and burying his face in his neck.

Wolfram laughed, nodding as he petted the back of Murata's head. "Yes really. I'll ask aniue about it later today. Maybe we should try for next weekend?"

Murata was having like 2359823 emotions fly around in his heart and his head and his chest all at once and he didn't really know what to do other than to wiggle on top of Wolfram and bury his face further in his neck.

In fact, he thought he was going to start crying. To compensate for this, he nodded once. Twice. And then squeezed Wolfram tighter.

"Hey.." Wolfram said softly, just petting Murata's hair very lightly. "Are you okay?" He could tell because his husband was kind of vibrating on him..

"I'm fine!" A muffled cry came from Wolfram's neck... and Murata continued to vibrate. He hoped Wolfram got something out of that. When he lifted his head, he was beaming and his eyes were glazed over. "I'm fine." He said it again, softer and.. somewhat shakier.

"'re almost crying." Wolfram mumbled, moving his hand to push Murata's bangs back from his eyes. "It better be out of happiness."

Murata nodded furiously and went back to hugging his husband again. He was apparently extra girly lately. "I keep thinking how lucky I am..."

Yeah. Girl.

Wolfram momentarily considered checking to see if his husband still had a penis. If he didn't, they were going to have problems...but instead he leaned up and kissed Murata's cheek. " are pretty lucky, aren't you?" He laughed.

Murata was still beaming with gay and in response to Wolfram kissing his cheek, he kissed Wolfram's lips. It was the cool thing womanly thing to do. Then he vibrated some more.

Wolfram almost thought he could taste lipgloss...but that was okay. He finally just let his arms rest around Murata, sighing softly. "So...where do you want to go after the wedding?"

"Anywhere, as long as it's with you." Woman. Gay. Radiate. Sparkle. Maybe he should be the one that was pregnant with Liesel.

"Hmm.." Wolfram was considering. "I want to go somewhere away from the castle..where we can be alone..."

"We went to Earth last time..." Murata pondered. "Maybe we can go to a Mazoku beach resort?" It was certainly an enticing idea. Sand sex and all.

"Beach, hm?" Wolfram smiled wryly. "You just want to see me in a bathing suit." ..because, you know, Murata hadn't seen him naked or anything.

But sometimes when one wore appealing clothing... it was sexier than pure nakedness. Or something. Murata frowned. "Is that bad?" They could take long walks on the beach. After anal.

"No it isn't bad." Wolfram leaned up and pressed another kiss to Murata's cheek. "I can find a place. How long do you want to stay?"

"I don't know... a week, maybe?" Murata offered. And maybe this time, Shinou wouldn't show up and rape things. Especially since he had a woman of his own, now. "It'll be... so amazing... just you and me... under the stars with the surf and the sand..."

Murata wondered briefly if he should trade in his speedo for something more modest. Like heart trunks. "Yeah, I have a bathing suit." ... it showed his buttcrack, actually. Wolfram would like that.

Yes, Wolfram would <3 And he would poke at it all day if it was there in front of his face at all times. "Good then. Otherwise I'd have to lend you one...and I'd make sure it was indecent."

... yeah okay so Murata was so going to wear his speedo as opposed to whatever string Wolfram was giving him. He nuzz-led Wolfram's neck again with a smile on his face. "We'll finally get married... officially... and everyone in the kingdom will know it." He was radiating little red hearts, now. <3333333333333333333333

Wolfram nodded, smiling widely and gayly. "Mmmhhhmm. I'll get right on it." He stretched a little, moving his arms over his head. "I'm assuming that you're going to withhold sex until the honeymoon, right?" Because that would be like Murata.

"No..." Murata blinked, looking down on his husband. "I was thinking about it right now, but... I mean.. if you want to..." Murata could do it. He was good at that.

Wolfram blinked a few times. Murata...had actually been considering it? "NO!" Wolfram yelped, his eyes wide as he clung to his husband. "No I don't want to! O_O ..I just..was saying...that it was okay if you still weren't ready or if your RPer didn't want to or something!" Yes.

"My mun wants to, though." Murata shifted a little awkwardly and leaned in to whisper in his husband's ear a bit awkwardly. "We're in the mood." When he pulled away, he was red. Apparently Murata wasn't flacid or something. Maybe making out in the library or talking about getting married and wearing lip gloss had done something to him.

Wolfram shuddered, gasping softly, his heart already starting to beat faster. It had been forever, hadn't it? "Well..." He began, his voice soft. "If..if the two of you are sure..."

Murata looked between the two of them and wiggled a little more,making sure that he was indeed hard. "Yes. We're sure." He smiled widely and planted a kiss to the corner of Wolfram's mouth. "You better take me while you still can."

Wolfram smiled when he felt Murata's hhharhhhd peen. Aw, he wasn't lying <3 To make sure he didn't lose this valuable opporunity he tangled a hand in the back of Murata's hair and pulled him down for a kiss, which immediately escalated into a hot makeout.

Murata was glad for a hot makeout. And so was his peen. His peen did a little dance in his pants AND pitched a tent. On top of it all, Murata got a hot makeout session... while he was on top of Wolfram. How much joy could he have in one day? He made sure to have one leg between Wolfram's, though. For some extra grinding fun times.

Aw, fun times <3 Wolfram liked that, which was made pretty obvious by his fumblings in the kiss when he would have to stop and gasp or moan. He finally pulled away and leaned up to nibble at Murata's earlobe, whispering. "How long do you think it's been?" ..and while this was happening, his hands were already making short work of his husband's shirt, tugging it up to bunch under his arms.

"Too long. For you." Murata wasted no time in helping Wolfram remove his shirt. Then he frowned at the state of Wolfram's attire. It wasn't really sex until Murata stated the obvious. "Wolfram... why do you wear so many layers? They're so annoying to take off." He gave his husband a playful smile, a grind and pulled at his cravat.

"Purely to annoy you, I promise." Wolfram laughed softly, running his hands along Murata's back and leaning up for a kiss every now and then.

"Oh. Well. In that case." Murata was far too busy kissing Wolfram to properly remove his cravat and chain, but he managed to do so at the expense of looking like an idiot. He made up for it, however, by expertly removing Wolfram's jacket and letting his hands run along the fabric of the white undershirt. He was almost to sweet, sweet Wolfram flesh.

Wolfram would stop and giggle every now and then when Murata would fumble retardedly really was just nice to know that they were comfortable enough to have fun. Wolfram, in the meantime, slid his hands to run along Murata's scrawny, but still sexy arms, a permanent smile on his face.

Murata wondered if he had enough muscle mass so that if he ever worked out... he would look toned and awesome. This was only a brief thought, however, because it was soon replaced with many thoughts of sex, mostly by the time he had unbuttoned Wolfram's shirt and could run his hands along bare skin. In fact, his peen hardened even more at that moment and he wondered why he had ever denied Wolfram sex. Other than Li sucked.

Well..Wolfram's peen was always hard, so the erection for him was no surprise. He did start shaking slightly when Murata finally got to his skin, goosebumps rising. It had really only been a few weeks since they had last had sex but to a whore like Wolfram it felt like years. "Muraaa.." He breathed out, moving one hand into Murata's hair and trying to tug his husband down for a kiss.

Murata liked kisses. He liked kisses more than sex, apparently, so when Wolfram was wanting one of them, Murata gave him like... eight. As his kisses progressed with intensity, so did his caresses. He let his hands hike across Wolfram's bare chest and sides and then started all over again. He never got to touch Wolfram like this anymore and... and... and he really needed to get out some pent up Wolfram touching frustration.

Wolfram didn't mind at all <3 Murata could tuch all he wanted for however long he wanted. Wolfram just lay back and..uh..enjoyed the ride, running his hands along Murata's chest and tweaking a gay nipple or two <3

Murata fought Wolfram back and tweaked himself some gay nipp-les. He left the white shirt on, though. Because that was hot. Then he decided it was about time he ventured from attacking Wolfram's lips and moved down toward his jawline and neck where the flesh was fresh and untouched by muralips. His hands had taken a liking to the rim of wolfram's pants and before even Murata could stop them, they were undoing the belt.

It wasn't like Wolfram was going to stop him, though. Hands undoing his pants meant that peen tuching was coming and..and <3 He tilted his head back and sighed softly, closing his eyes and sliding his hands down to Murata's pants also, foregoing the whole taking-them-off deal and just sliding his hands in under them, giving his husband a good ass-squeezing.

Ass-squeezing was all Murata needed to let out an uke!moan, thus breaking the seme spell he had cast on himself for all of a millisecond. He had to bit Wolfram's shoulder softly to remind himself that he was going to be a good top and proceeded to yank off Wolfram's pants entirely.

And. No matter how many times he saw it, he was always happy to see Wolfram's erection. It was the only thing that always stood at attention when he walked into the room. :D

Wolfram grinned a bit when Murata moaned, figuring that he had gained the advantage...but then his pants were flung across the room and he wasnt so sure anymore o_o He did have to laugh a bit when he saw Murata smile at his erection. "It missed you too."

Murata was so happy that... that he wanted to kiss it. Through the thong and everything. It was seriously the most beautiful sight in the world to him. He did think back to the last time he'd wanted to and Wolfram got a little weird... so he sidetracked himself by kissing Wolfram's stomach and letting his hands glide along where his lips wanted to be: his inner thighs and outer thighs and all over his thighs and then undoing the strings of Wolfram's panties.

Wolfram liked lips but he settled for hands. Afterall, Murata didn't ask or anything so he didn't know that his husband was even considering peen-tunging in the first place. Murata's hands caused his skin to tingle, goosebumps rising along with his hips, his peen eager for some love.

Murata's suction lips made vacuum noises on Wolfram's stomach and he giggled at it until he had unearth the peen of wonder. Once Wolfram's peen had come into the view of the whole world, Murata had to stare at it in its splendor. He tuched it once. Then twice. And then he couldn't help himself anymore and he kissed the tip of it. <3 Aw, Wolfram's little peenie was so cute.

Wolfram was giggling at the noises and squirming around gaily until Murata moved down to his peen, which caused him to stiffen for a moment before propping himself up on his elbows to be able to see his husband’s expressions. He just wanted to make sure that Murata really wanted to do this is all!

He shuddered slightly when he felt Murata’s lips, reaching a hand down to push his head down further, encouraging more. Sure weeks ago he hadn’t wanted it because it reminded him of Murata and Yuuri but now…well, he figured it had been long enough. And in case Murata didn’t get the not-so-subtle hints… “It’s okay, Mura..”

Murata was ecstatic. ECSTATIC! Wolfram was going to let him tung his PEEN!!! He could hardly contain his excitement and nearly choked on the way down, but he easily corrected himself. He lapped on Wolfram's rainbow lollipop like a starving deer to a salt lick. In fact, he was probably devouring Wolfram's peen more for himself than for actually giving Wolfram pleasure. Haha.

Wolfram gasped softly and lowered himself back down to the bed, tilting his head back and closing his eyes, one hand in Murata's hair. He couldn't help but snicker a little, though, at the, um…fervor Murata was showing.

"…did you miss me?" And by 'me' he meant 'my peen.'

Murata stopped his incessant slobbering look enough to wipe his mouth and smile up at the happy little Wolfram before him. "Does it show?"

"Just a little." Wolfram laughed softly, running his fingers through Murata's hair. "I think you missed this more than kissing me."

Did it really seem like that? Murata gave Wolfram's peen a troubled look for a moment, and then decided that if it made Wolfram happy, then it must not have mattered. He then went back to making out with Wolfram's peen in quite an amazing manner.

Wolfram just closed his eyes again and lay back, sighing softly. He had to admit, he had missed this too...and when Murata being so forward about it made it even better. Since he was Wolfram, it took all of about one minute before he was tugging at Murata's hair, his voice a whisper. "S-stop..too much.."

Murata was a little too disappointed to pull away. He finally got to tung Wolfram's peen! He wanted to keep doing it forever and ever and ever! When he lifted his head, he made a pout that would rival Tamaki. He didn't mind if Wolfram came in his mouth, really. He wasn't really thinking into the future.

Wolfram sighed deeply when he saw that pout, sliding his hand to pet Murata's cheek. "Well...okay, you can keep going if you want...but I warned you."

Murata sparkled and his lips suddenly developed lipgloss on them. "Oh, Wolfram...!" He thanked him mucho and went back to work, this time bringing his hand into the play. He twisted his grip at Wolfram's base and bobbed his head up and down. The lipgloss served as a really fun sliding base, so now Murata felt like he was ice skating on Wolfram's peenlike surface.

Wolfram almost wished that his peen could taste, because Murata's magical lipgloss tasted really good and his peen deserved that. Since Murata didn't mind, he stopped caring about holding himself back, not even bothering to try and keep his hips from jerking up. Murata could take it!

Eeeee, Wolfram liked that :D! He liked it so much, in fact, that he JBed. Nine times. ...okay, maybe not nine times, but definitely once. He tightened his fingers in Murata's hair and gasped suddenly, his hips bucking upwards as he released his seeeeeed into Murata's waiting mouth. He settled down after, taking a few deep breaths, his eyes closed and his body limp. "..I needed that.." He mumbled.

Murata was a good husband SOMETIMES, so he swallowed every bit of milk that Wolfram gave him and by the time he had lifted his head from between Wolfram's legs, he was beaming from ear to ear. "I need that, too." He reached over to cuddle his husband some more. "Oh, Wolfram... <3"

Wolfram immediately clung because he had just JBed and he was cudd-le-needy, nuzzling his face against Murata's shoulder. "I'll..I'll do you in a minute..."
"That's okay... take your time." Murata smiled and made a million kiss-les to Wolfram's face. He was suddenly reminded of the time when he got Wolfram off and then Wolfram went to sleep and Murata had to live without a JB forever. He almost cried.

But Wolfram wasn't going to sleep this time After Murata finished his kissing he was ready for action, a grin on his face as he suddenly pushed Murata over onto his back, hovering over him. "Now. Your turn. Are you ready?" He glanced downward to the large bulge in Murata's pants, his grin widening. "…yeah…I think so.."

Murata didn't know what to do with himself. Wolfram... was... going to tuch his peen? SCANDALOUS! Here Wolfram was always complaining that he never had JBs ever... but Murata hadn't had a JB like... for an even LONGER time than Wolfram.

In fact, he was so happy, that his eyes began to glaze. "Wolfram...." T^T
Wolfram smiled a bit and leaned up to press a light kiss to Murata's lips. "Calm'll be fine." ..which was easy for him to say as he currently wasn't the one having his peen rubbed.

Murata squirmed like a worm. A squirmy wormy. He leaned forward to prolong the kiss Wolfram gave him as long as he count and when Wolfram pulled far enough away to talk, Murata whimpered in a true uke fashion. He wasn't used to this attention and it was going to make him ASPLODE.

Wolfram's grin only widened at the whimper. It was music to his ears <3 After a final quick kiss to Murata's cheek he began to move downward, his hands tugging off Murata's pants and thongunderweartypething at the same time. He tossed them aside when he was through, now face-to-face with a massive peen <# "..I think it might have grown since I last saw it."

Murata bit his finger in a true uke-like fashion. "It... it might have." Damn, his voice was so an octave higher. "It hasn't been tuched in so long, it was growing to seek the sunlight."

Wolfram snickered softly, just blowing a puff of hot air on the tip. "'s a little curved, too. To the right." This realization made him snicker more.

"IS IT?!" Murata suddenly sat up on his shoulder to inspect his peen. "I'm deformed now and you won't love me!"

"Calm down, calm down, you aren't deformed.." Wolfram was laughing more now as he pushed Murata back down onto the bed. "I kind of like it like this. Gives it more..hmm...character." And with that he pressed a kiss to the tip.

Murata shuddered and closed his eyes softly, settling in to Wolfram's paying-attention-to-his-peendom. He wondered briefly if maybe his bent peen would be good for Wolfram's prostate stimulation or something. He smiled to himself and made a soft sigh. "Wolfram... <3"

Wolfram smiled, casting a glance up to his husband momentarily before he set to work, running long strokes of his tongue along the underside of Murata's peeeeen. He pulled back after a moment, blinking a few times. "You know..I think the taste changed too. It's not as salty :O" This was good and he figured it would please Murata too.

Could Murata's peen really change so much? Length, Bendiness and Taste? He wished he could bend down and have a go for himself to see if Wolfram was right, but... he settled for the satisfaction of NOT seeing Wolfram cringe. "That's good... <3 My peen missed you so much that it must have tried to make itself more desirable to you so that you would pay attention to it again."

"That must be it." Wolfram giggled and leaned back down, taking the tip in his mouth and just sucking lightly. Sure Murata's peen tasted better, but he wasn't in a hurry to choke himself on it. Meanwhile his hands slid along Murata's thighs, avoiding the Muraspot for the moment.

"Yes...." Murata's toesies curled in and his hands shot down to get a decent grip on Wolfram's hair. The tiny little movement on his peen were driving him wild and he wasn't sure if it counted as Wolfram teasing him or not. Either way, he still loved it. He held his breath and became eerily silent, trying to predict Wolfram's next movement.

Silence was bad and Wolfram didn't like it D: He wanted more uke!squeaks. He took more of Murata's magically-changing peen into his mouth, sucking harder and stroking his tongue along the underside, one hand moving to hold the base, trying to ensure that Murata wouldn't buck up and stab through the back of his throat. It wasn't a good thought.

Along with his toesies, Murata's fingers curled as well, fisting themselves in Wolfram's hair. His head was peeling itself backward and his teeth clenched. With the added attention with both a mouth and a hand, Murata couldn't take it anymore and fulfilled Wolfram's lusty wishes by erupting in a series of uke!moans and twitches and Wolfram's name and everything that was cool.

Aww, that was what Wolfram wanted. But he didn't want to ruin it, so after a few more strokes of his tongue he pulled back, blowing another puff of hot air onto Murata's peen before he looked up with big, gay eyes. "Do me?" It wasn't eloquent but it was precise and to the point, at least.

"I thought... I... I thought..." Murata's breath was... well, it was really breathy and he forced the rest of his sentence out. "'d never ask." He opened his eyes and was finally able to look down at his beautiful husband thing and smile widely. He reached down so that he could at least gather the other in his arms. "Is there still lube under the pillows? I haven't checked..." Apparently he could speak properly again.

“Should be.” Wolfram crawled back up to lie next to Murata, nuzzling against his side, a wide smile on his face. “I haven’t moved it.” As Murata fumbled around looking for the lube, Wolfram proceeded to press kisses along his collarbone, moving down to lick at and suck on a nipp-le. Heeeeee :3

Murata had managed to get the lube, but just barely. When there was a Wolfram on his nipp-le he suddenly squeezed the lube tight and wondered briefly if it exploded. Li only assumed that Murata's nipp-les were sensitive and that it felt amazing. She wouldn't know. Murata brought his hand down to tug on Wolfram's hair and show him the tubeolube. "Present for you."

Wolfram looked up when his hair was tugged, grinning a bit around the nipp-le. "How'd you know? It's just what I've always wanted.." He flicked his tongue over the nipp-le one last time before he pulled away, looking up at Murata dreamily. "What position would you like?"

"Um..." Murata tapped his chin in a pure thoughtful manner. "You can just lie on your stomach." He smiled and ran a hand down Wolfram's cheek with a look of sheer happiness plastered on his face. "Okay? I'll take care of the rest."

"On my stomach?" Wolfram questioned, not quite getting the logistics yet. He crawled off of Murata and laid next to him on his stomach on the bed, peering over his shoulder. "Like this?"

"Mmm... yes." Murata purred in a manly-like manner and hovered over Wolfram's back, pressing kisses to his neck and nibbling softly on the top of his ear. He kinda liked it like this. He felt like his whole body was hugging Wolfram. <3 He did, however, need to get his peen inside his husband so he set to work, lubing himself up really fast and then set to work on preparing Wolfram.

Wolfram shuddered and closed his eyes, his breathing getting shaky. He gasped when Murata first pressed a finger in but relaxed after a moment, hands fisting in the sheets. This position was weird. Part of him wanted to see his husband but the other part wanted to bury his face in the pillow.

Well... Murata liked it. Wolfram would like it too, if Wolfram was on top. Murata made sure to raise Wolfram a little so that he could have a better angle in shoving his fingers inside him and all that. As he worked, he continued to shower his husband in kisses. The reason he must have liked it like this was... he could give Wolfram all the lovin' he could muster and Wolfram couldn't do a thing but receive. He liked that. :D

Wolfram liked receiving, he really really did..but he wanted to make sure that Murata was getting something out of this too. To give him a taste of what was to come, he tightened his muscles around his husband's fingers, looking over his shoulder with darkened eyes. "Mura...put it in..."

Murata's eyes turned into little hearts and he plucked his fingers from Wolfram's anal. He HAD to deliver a kiss to his husband, though. He HAD to or he might have DIED. When that was said and done, however, he held onto Wolfram's hips and guided himself inside slowly.

The weird goat noise Murata made was nearly impossible to describe. He just... IT HAD BEEN SO LONG SINCE HIS PEEN WAS INSIDE SOMETHING ALL WARM AND TYT AND HE LYKED IT <3 Hart.

Aw, a kiss <3 Wolfram cherished it, trying to draw it out for as long as possible..but yeah, Murata had to peen him so he had to let go.

He winced slightly and sucked in a deep breath when Murata first pushed in, his thoughts of trying to ensure his comfort immediately dissipating when he heard the goat noise. He had to laugh. He couldn't help it. On the bright side, the slight pain was completely forgotten.

He looked over his shoulder again, a lazy grin on his face. "I hope that meant something good…"

Murata waited until he was inside Wolfram entirely before he could even think to speak again. "Yeah it.. it was. Something really good." In order to complete the position described to Li by Jeff, Murata had to lie down and huggle Wolfram... like a big blanket that just happened to have a peen in Wolfram's anal. He wiggled around a little and made a nip to Wolfram's ear. "Hi."

"Hi you." Wolfram's grin widened and he closed his eyes, settling. Murata was so warm against his back <333 It was really nice. And his voice was right in his ear and it made him shudder. And also, his peen was in his tyt anal and…yeah, Murata needed to move. He wiggled his hips a little, trying to give his husband the hint.

Murata was just waiting until Wolfram's tyt anal adjusted to his massive peen! When Wolfram moved, he knew that it was okay and he shifted his butt musc-les to begin his thrusting. .... and. okay. He really looked like he was just humping Wolfram's butt and he SO had to supress a gigg-le.

Wolfram couldn't see, though, so there were no gigg-les from him. When Murata began moving he moaned softly, pressing the side of his face against the pillow. For as much as Murata just looked like he was humping Wolfram, Wolfram really WAS humping the bed, enjoying the friction on his peen. He really was enjoying the closeness of this position. "..I love you." He mumbled, nuzzling his face against the pillow.

Murata's head ended up getting buried in the back of Wolfram's neck and he was breathing heavily into his husband's hair. "I... I love you, too." He pressed his arms underneathe Wolfram's body, wrapping them around his chest in a tyt embrace. Aw. He could even feel a nipp-le while he was at it.

Wolfram started to pant in time with Murata's thrusts, his hands pulling at the sheets and his hips grinding down harder against the mattress, making his humping look frantic. "It''s really good, Mura.." For some reason, he felt like he needed to keep encouraging his husband. That and he really couldn't keep his mouth shut anyway.

Murata's mouth needed to spread herpes. And by herpes I mean kisses. He spread them all over the top of Wolfram's shoulders and to the back of his neck and the spot just under his ear and on the back tip of his ear and everywhere he possibly could. He tried to thrust harder and faster, already well aware of his impending climax. He himself couldn't say anything relevant, though. He was too busy kissing and grunting.

Wolfram had caught Murata’s herpes a long time ago so no harm in adding more! He did kind of wish that he could share in the herpes-fest, but was content to just lie there and moan and writhe around, humping the mattress. Part of him kind of worried about how gross the sheets were going to be afterwards, but then Murata slid against his prostate and his mind blanked.

Wolfram had made a significant change in his uke!moans and Murata suspected that that was his omg-u-hit-mai-prostate moan. He made sure to thrust in that exact way again, clinging tightly to Wolframs back. <3 <3 <3 <333333333 His breath quickened and he tried to hold himself for as long as he could just so that he could be awesome.

Murata didn't have to try very hard (lal) or wait very long, though, as a few more thrusts were all that Wolfram needed. A few loud moans and jerks of his hips later, Wolfram had thoroughly sullied the sheets just as he had suspected but he couldn't care less. He lay boneless on the bed, panting softly, his face nuzzled against the pillow, just letting Murata do what he needed.

Fortunately for Wolfram, the moment his tyt anal squeezed itself during Orgasm, Murata couldn't hold himself any longer, even if he wanted. His arms wrapped tighter around Wolfram and he buried his fact in his neck, crying out to the spot between Wolfram's shoulderblades as he shot wave after wave of little spermies into Wolfram's anal.

Wolfram's litt-le spermies were currently spread around on the sheets rather than in a tyt anal like they would have liked to be. He sighed deeply when he felt Murata finish, lifting his head to look over his shoulder, eyelids heavy and skin glowing, apparently.

Murata's skin was quite radiant, himself. But he had to wait until his peen was flacid enough to slip out of Wolfram's anal without hurting. When this occurred, he fell to Wolfram's side and cudd-led him closely. And also so that he could get in a proper kiss. Glowing people needed to kiss.

Wolfram was very happy for a kiss, though when he rolled onto his side for it he was reminded that he was lying in a pudd-le of goo. He dismissed it for the moment, reaching a hand around to pull Murata closer, a simp-le kiss turning into a makeout session.

Murata could have cared less about Wolfram's goo. The goo had meant that he had done an awesome job as a seme. He'd made Wolfram goo TWICE. He was doin' pretty good for himself, that he was. But... he was more concerned with his makeout session with his husband anyway. He was hungrily devouring Wolfram's face as if it were his last meal.

Wolfram hefted a leg over Murata's waist, tugging the other man against him, so now they were sharing the goo, at least. He tangl-ed his fingers in the back of Murata's hair, sharing in the face-eating, licking, nipping, tugging, and everything else he could think to do to his husband's lips.

Murata made it a point to tuch every part of Wolfram's body ever during their makeout session. He couldn't stop snogging his husband! Ever! Omg! He was overcome with his massive fits of passion and love and lust and horniness and death and happiness and all those other emotions that go along with sex. His skin had stopped being radioactive, but his aura was still glowing. When he accidentally broke a kiss with Wolfram, he made sure to say "ILU" really fast before getting back into it. and the goo.

Aw, Wolfram felt like that, too <3 Part of him even wanted to be peened again..but his peen wasn't having any more of that for the moment so he sett-led for the hot makeout, pausing a moment to smile and whisper an "ILU" back before he contined the face-eating. Murata's face tasted good :E

Murata was excited for this! It had been thousands of years since they had been this intimate and touchy. It made his peen harden. Except... not. It would have made his peen harden if he had not just released a load of laundry into Wolfram's anal. It didn't stop him from pulling Wolfram closer and closer as they made out. He needed to absorb things.

Wolfram needed to absorb, too, but he was a bit more forceful about it. He moved his hands to push on Murata's shoulders, not breaking the kiss as he crawled on top of his husband, hands running all over his chest as he shoved his tongue down his throat <3

Murata accepted this tunging and helped by moving his tung out of the way and swirl around on Wolfram's. His hands clawed at his husband's back as he wriggled around underneathe him. Oh, such wedded bliss.

A while after the attack, Wolfram finally started to calm down, the kiss getting slower and lazier as he took his sweet time sucking on Murata's bottom lip, his hands sliding along his husband's ribs.

Murata was glad. Sex was tiring and he was losing energy from such a high calibur makeout. He tugged Wolfram closer to him, still upset that he wasn't absorbing him like he wanted. But it was fine... Wolfram was warm and made a very good blanket. <3 A blanket that kissed him. <3

Aw, a kissing blanket? Murata had obviously made a good decision at WalMart. Finally Wolfram stopped kissing his husband, sliding down a little to rest his head on Murata's shoulder, his lips red and puffy like a good uke's were supposed to be after a hot makeout.

Murata made sure to breathe extra heavily so that Wolfram could feel the rise and fall of his chest. He clung tightly, trying to make sure that Wolfram wasn't about to float away or anything like that. He was so thoughtful. "Wolfram..." He breathed his husband's name. There was no point to him saying it... he just.. he needed to say it.

Wolfram smiled dreamily, nuzzling against that warm, bony shoulder as if it were the most comfortable resting place in the world. "Murata.." He breathed back, his hands sliding along Murata's sides lazily.

Murata let his hands make dumb designs on Wolfram's back as he slowly became more and more lazy. "You make my peen ting-le."

Wolfram gigg-led softly, closing his eyes and pressing a few kisses along Murata's collarbone. "You make mine ting-le too..."

"REELI?" Muratas eyes were as wide as saucers and he snugg-led himself closer to both the mattress and Wolfram. He was awesome and could defy the laws of physics like that. He did smile and close his eyes, though. Happy that there was a Wolfram on him, devouring his flesh.

"Mmmhhmm." Wolfram moved and nuzz-led against Murata's chest, settling there, his eyes closed. "You wore me out.."

"I did?" Murata's voice was eerily soft and filled with wonderment. He ran a hand through Wolfram's hair, massaging his scalp and soothing him and all that other relaxing stuff. "It's about time..."

"Yep." Wolfram was boneless on top of Murata. He would've been purring if he could. "Don't sound so surprised.." He yawned widely, snuggling up more.

"Why not? It's really surprising for me." Murata murmured. He was the one that always denied sex, right? So if he wore Wolfram out, that was AWESOME.

"Yeah's just for right now, so don't get too used to it." Wolfram yawned again. "I'll be fine after a nap.."

That's what Murata was afraid of. Why did he get stuck with such a sex happy husband? T^T

If Murata was so upset and couldn't deal with it, Wolfram was sure he could find someone else who could easily :P

MURATA WOULD DEAL WITH IT! T^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T

Wolfram yawned for the 80th time and announced, "I'm going to sleep now.."

"I'm going to allow this." Murata smiled and cudd-led Wolfram again because he loved him.

"Good." Wolfram mumb-led, settling and falling asleep easily.
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